help ID this RooR

Discussion in 'General' started by ryske11, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Here is a pic of this three foot black label roor i came across. needs to be cleaned but other than that it's in solid condition. does anyone know where i can find some more info on this particular roor or be able to tell me what model it is.

  2. I believe it's a custom done by dementia.
    If you want a fancy name to sell it, you could also label it XXL Dealers Cup, because this model is known for it's beaker base.
  3. it's just a black label beaker bottom RooR, most likely 5mm thick

    jesus christ that thing is fucking gross....going to need an iso bath for a week :p

    how much are you getting it for?
  4. i already got it and as for how much i got it for, with a few little trades i acquired it with $100 outta my pocket. not a bad come up at all the way i look at it. $100 : 3 foot RooR, its a no brainer.
  5. Awesome deal. Clean that shit and toke on. I need to get me a bong like that.

    i wish i could buy that tube for 100.

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