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  1. Hi all

    Cleaning out my growroom I found hundreds, maybe thousands of these tiny dead bugs, mostly clustered around the lights. It seems they were attracted to the light and killed by the heat. Can anyone help me work out what they are and how they may have damaged my plants? (grow was stunted, with quite a lot of leaf death). To give some sense of scale, the ruler in one of the pictures is showing millimetres.


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  3. ^good help
    They could be fungus bugs/flies. So they would eat your soil not your plant, not sure it's much better. But what you can do is get dish soap mix it with water to lure them in to death or use bug traps. There is also a spray I've heard that can kill larva if you spray it in the soil. Go to the sick plants and problem section and check out the homemade remedies, gl.

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