Help! I want to grow marijuana (I have seeds)

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  1. My friend has given my 3 seeds, of unknown quality. They are from a guy who grows for himself but he's a major pothead and I'm sure he'd grow himself good marijuana. I need some general advice on growing. I've already read a lot of forum posts and FAQ's so don't hate on me for asking such a general question. I like to get advice from peers. First of all, what kind of soil? Second of all, fertilizer or not? And if so what kind? I have 10-15-10, is this sufficient? Should I fertilize with every watering?

    You understand the question, please elaborate please answer!

    Thanks GC!:devious:
  2. i prefer promix but a lot of people like fox farms. you want nutrients for both vegatative and flowering. i always mix up what the numbers should look like for the different stages, but im sure someone else can tell you or you can find it one of the guides on here.

    stay away from any soil with time release fertilizers. and anything miracle grow.
  3. Ok, so miracle grow is good? I also have jobes plant food spikes (lots of em) they are 2-5-10 if my memory serves correct. Also, is organic compost good enough or too much for these things? How bout potting soil?
  4. miracle grow is bad. people use it, but it isn't ideal. i don't want to answer any more of your questions because i am not the best authority on this stuff. i only have one grow and a ton of reading to go on. a lot of the other guys on here have a lot more experience than me and would be better suited to give advice.
  5. Okay, thanks for the tips anyhow
  6. Organic compost is great outdoors, but I'd obviously opt for potting soil indoors. And even outside I'd add some perlite to the soil and other goodies for the plant.
  7. if you thoroughly read faq's and guides and such , then you should know using orgnic compounds are best. you dont need nutes for 3 weeks then start using half strengthened nutes to get them used to it, then go ahead and give them full nutes once you feel comfortable(dont jump the gun, give them time. and only give them nutes every other watering.
  8. READ the post.

  9. Yeah.. I did.. That's probably why I'm confused

    "stay away from any soil with time release fertilizers. and anything miracle grow."

    'any anything miracle grow.'

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