Help! I think she's doomed... first try.

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  1. So yeah I just wanted to try growing for fun and learn from experience, however her leaves started to curl and brown. Her strain is some random outdoor and unfortunately I didn't give her enough TLC (not sexed yet either but I had a feeling probably a female). I had her under the 18/6 light cycle (4 x 23W CFL 6400 lumens total) but with no nutrients, no pH monitoring and little ventilation (all of which are probably the problem).

    What went wrong?
    Is she salvageable?
    Recommendation for next attempt?

    Any and all information is helpful, I find it hard to browse through guides when I barley know what I'm looking for. Thanks.

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  2. well, pH is extremley important to your plants. you can learn all about it here.

    it looks extremley deficient in phosphorus, nitrogen, magnesium, and slightly deficient in potassium and calcium. basically, it looks hungry for everything. the plant is salvagable, though.

    get some ventilation in there!

    1. The plant uses wind to naturally breath through little openings on the leaves called the stomata. The wind to a plant would be like your lungs to you. The plant needs this air movement for the photosynthesis process.

    2. Plants use CO2 for the photosynthesis process as well. Poorly ventilated rooms may not offer enough CO2 for the plants to photosynthesize, which will result in stunted growth.

    hope this helps! good luck! :bongin:

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