HELP! I think I swallowed a piece of very small glass!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by kotton420, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. :eek::(Well Im High as fuck off a resin bowl and Im havin anxiety/ panic attack cause I think I swallowed a piece of glass that was broken inside the bowl off the little whole's edge like someone just broke it from scraping and it didn't sound like their was a piece of glass at all in their when I was scraping and im pretty sure that their was no glass in the resin but yeah you never know if their is so What do I do? it is very very small like smaller than a pea or could be a half of a pea? any suggestions lmfao :confused:
  2. Oh yeah I swallowed a lil bit or resin or it could have been a glass piece I don't know but ? its freaking me out it was very small though what do you think will happen??
  3. Should I call the hospital? or what you know>?
  4. So I guess everyone is an asshole alright than!?
  5. Did you swallow or inhale it. I would just eat a munch of bread and other food if you swallowed but if you think you inhaled glass that could be dangerous.
  6. do you feel like you're dying?
  7. I think I either swallowed glass or it could have been a piece of resin and yeah I ate a piece of bread but I dont think I smoked it but I don't know!
  8. i do have a lot of anxiety so I don't even know why?
  9. Maybe its just paranoia. Keep eating to help relax if nothing else and don't smoke till you sober up. You'll be able to decide what to do better then.
  10. Take a close look at the bowl. If you really think you swallowed glass and its not just paranoia then I would call a hospital asap imo.

    Just make up shit about how you swallowed it and they should buy it.
  11. call the hospital. probably do an x-ray? if worse comes to worse, it's going to be surgically removed, or you'll shit a glass shard the size of a pea, who knows.

    but yeah, call the hospital.
  12. HOly shit for real it likes 121 right now and I don't feel sharp glass pains but I have fuck olad of anxiety
  13. just relax....... do u see any glass missing from the piece?
  14. Dude go get some munchies get a glass of milk roll another spliff or grab your bong and get more high and eat if you feel your stomach hurting in the next 24 hours goto a hospital...
  15. Yo man i've actually done this before, I inhaled a tiny shard of glass and it cut my throat on the inside on the way down. But I have never had any problems since then and that was 4 years ago. I guess if your in pain hit up the 911 other wise it should be all good.
    No more resin.
  16. at that size it's not a big problem. wait a day or two and then see whats up
  17. If you inhaled it you would be almost immediately feeling pain in your breathing. If you swallowed it, it'll either get stuck to another piece of food, or you'll shit it and possibly cut your asshole.

    I think you'll be ok buddy. If you do feel pains in your breathing, then I would take immediate action.
  18. Quick update im still alive and the high is gone! I don't feel like the glass punctured anything or cuted anything!

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