help! i need to save this plant.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by junebugtokes, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. waddup fellow blades, listen my ass hole roommate has lost his plant privelages. I don't think its too late, but I need simple advice on how to nurse it to its full potential.

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  2. Wait what happened...? He trimmed it too early? Doesnt looks like shes coming back..
  3. ...hahahahahahahaha....what the fuck? She is stunted forever! probably won't get much more product off of that
  4. i don't know what the fuck he did. the only plant he's put in charge of he ruins. please guys gimme hope.
  5. No way to fix that. It looks like its several weeks into flower. Odds are it hasade all the bud sites it is going to make. The final part of flowering mainly fattens the buds up rather than new growth. All you can do is let the few buda that werent scavenged fatten up and finish. Be sure to let your bud know that what je trimmed would have weighed 3 or 4 times more if he would have waited.
  6. ...I'm willing to bet that the foilage got burnt all to hell from overfertilizing, turned yellow and started to die so he removed any discolored parts.........either way, as I say, that plant has been through bad times and will be stunted, leaving you with about what your looking at as your harvest.
  7. You must have magic fingers oooooooooooooooh lala
  8. just be happy for the dime you won't have to buy. next grow, check out the indoor grow journals and get some ideas on how to make your operation a little more fruitful. good luck on the next!
  9. Yeah man might as well dry it, cure it, and smoke it up man, shes done

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