Help I need to quit poppers

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  1. So if you don't know what a popper is, it's when you have a metal tube, I call it a popper piece, and you rip a little piece of cigarette, put it in the top of the tube, then stamp it with some kush,. You then proceed to milk the weed them when you start burning the tobacco you snap it through. In Toronto / southern Ontario as poppers are very popular here. I started smoking weed when I was 13/14, I was enjoying it, and then I found out what a popper was. When I ripped that shit I got the biggest headrush of my life and couldn't move for a good 5 mins, I started seshing pops more often and also started smoking cigs to. I've probably been smoke poppers everyday for like 3-4 years now, I really want to quit cause my lungs are definitely hurting from this and the cigs don't help either. The pops are so highly addictive and I can't stop them. As soon as I wake up I need one. Any people who has experiences with long term popper smoking, any advice ? Thanks
  2. Why would you smoke tobacco and weed mixed in a bong? Thats gnarly try smoking a spliff tobacco and weed mixed in a paper
  3. It's not gnarly it gives you an insane head rush until you get a tolerance for it then it's honestly no different then smoking a regular bowl. Just put a pinch of flavored tobacco on the bottom.

    Grow journal

  4. I've done them before when I was young and stupid lol they don't do anything but make you cough up a lung and ruin the taste of your weed, I'm a cigarette smoker too so I'm used to smoking tobacco.
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  5. My neighbour is a popper addict. I never heard of it til she said she does them. I have never tried it because i quit smoking cigs a year ago. It is quite popular here, apparently.I am also in Ontario...
    I used to use a bong for years, but now i don't because when i do it feels like razor blades in my throat! I stick to j's now...
    I would suggest rolling a bunch of joints and just smoke those when u need a fix. I think if you have some pre rolled, a couple days worth, You may find it easy to pick up a doobie and smoke it rather than the poppers.

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  6. Damn people reply within minutes on here ! And yeah it's huge in Ontario and you just can't beat that initial headrush, once your on them your on them, I mean spliffs are okay, I also smoke my fair share of backwoods. I just wish I never starting smoking p's I hate hitting straight green, ( out of a bong of course,) although I used to, until I started hitting pops. When I wake up I need to rip one or else shit might hit the fan, I get real cranky and can be a dick. I srsly need to stop
  7. Thanks for the suggestion tho I appreciate it!
  8. I thought you were talking about a completely different type of popper lol. Can't talk about it here on GC but google it and you will see what I thought you were talking about.

    But yeah the only way to quit the kind of popper you are talking about is to either find different ways of taking in tobacco after smoking or just quit tobacco altogether. Take bigger bong rips with more weed and then if you still feel you need tobacco smoke a cig or something. I quit smoking a while back but I never got into poppers, sadly the only reason I could quit smoking was that I started dipping so I still like to put in a dip after a bong rip.
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  9. That head rush is a nicotine rush and won't effect you at all with prolonged use. You are addicted to nicotine not poppers. You've got to quit that bitch tobacco and just smoke the green own its on.

    Not mention the 'high' you get off a nicotine rush is horrible imo, crazy head rush and colds sweats.

    I really don't get poppers unless you're trying to save weed.

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  10. Lol i smoke poppers because I like everything about them Accept the fact I have hacked a lot of dirty shit from smoking them for so Long. It just seems so hard to switch to something else, it's the headrush I like the best about it and how right after u blow out the smoke it's just pure relaxation, it's like your floating u rip a huge p. Anyway thanks for the support guys I didn't know so many random people would be trying to help. #stonersareawesome
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  11. Thanks boys I'm done poppers, I just threw my popper piece on the roof, thanks for the support hopefully I never have to rip one of the fuckers again
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  12. It's gone forever lol
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  13. Bong might be gone but nicotine addiction will itch for a while. It's physical with tobacco not so much at all with weed. Cancer might take some time to reverse as well. Invest in a spoon and dry smoke some baccy-free herb, blade. Not all damage stays that way so you have time to heal those lungs.
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  14. You are addicted to tobacco. It's not that hard to work out.
  15. I was taking bong hits with some friends this one time. One guy dared another guy to bong hit a cigarette....... Needless to say he did it. Pure cigarette. Frothed it up really nice. I thought he was going to die via a collapsed lung. He ended up blacking out and taking out a wooden table on his way down. Woke up with a crazy head rush. That's how a real man does it.
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  16. Im having the same problem. I want to quit so badly but every time I try I get so crabby and the desire is pretty strong. I have accomplished quittinga few times before for about 4-6 months then I'll find my way back to the p's. I want it to stick. I'm currently attempting again as I'm really starting to feel the effects of smoking these for 5 years. I'm getting rid of all the bongs, I only buy native smokes 2 hours away so I just won't go anymore and I've decided to stop hanging out with the people I'd smoke poppers with. (Sheesh it's almost like I have a hard drug habit or something). Wish me luck!
  17. I quit by using salt nic 50 nic in a breeze headrush is same less nasty chemicals and can wean self off nicotine all together

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  18. After head rush I always got a headache
  19. And the ladder is in the garage?
    (Been there, done that)

    But seriously, you can do it. You're steering your ship. Your the captain; not poppers.

    Stay strong and good luck

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