help.... i need to find out what a song i heard is called

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Skreebly, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. ok, its reggae, and im irritated because i cant find out what the hell it is so i can download it. some of the words say "remember to kick it over, no one will guide you...."
    "a lotta people wont get no supper tonight, a lotta people wont get no justice tonight..."
    please help me out
  2. My advice would be to call a radio station that plays a lot of reggae. They should know right off.
  3. ask (email) reefer cat or look closer, i love reggae and the song sounds familiar but i cant put a name to it
    sorry man
  4. peace be with you
  5. It's the Clash...can't remember what album...Sadinista maybe? Then again, maybe not. Think it's called the Robber Dub or some shit. Good tune by the way.
  6. whoa, even though the voice sounded like the clash (who im a fan of) i didnt even think about it actually being them.... hmmm, i have smoked myself retarted
  7. found it, its called armagideon time it kicks ass
  8. The whole c.d. is good..Super Black Market Clash.

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