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Help I need some more Zohai Rx

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by aznymadness, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Hey guys a couple of weeks ago I ordered a gram of spice gold and a gram of Zohai RX from I need to quit smoking the real stuff for employment reasons. I loved the Zohai Rx and want to order some more. I checked and they dont carry it anymore. After surfing for an hour I cant find anyplace that has it in stock. Are they not selling this stuff anymore in the USA. If anyone can tell me a place to order it I would be so happy.

    By the way the spice gold was whack. It tasted so bad and didnt get me high at all. I smoked a fat joint out of it and felt nothing.

    Zohai doesnt taste that bad at all and all I have to do is smoke a few hits and Im good to go. Its not as good as the real stuff but its better then nothing.

    Hope you can help me out.
  2. Your not supposed to smoke legal smoking blends in joints/blunts, they don't work nearly 1/3rd as well, and some don't even seem to work at all in a joint.

    Hit it in a piece/bong.

    Can't help with the zohai, but try different blends if you can find them - galaxies line is good, try fusion, try sence
  3. I will try the spice gold and report how it works out of a pipe. It taste so bad though, i guess ill just have to suck it up. Do you know a site that sells the brands that you are talking about.
  4. Hey aznymadness, same problem here. Seems like that Zohai just came up missing accross the world. Have you found any more info on this? Better yet, a place to buy Zohai RX, and ships to the US? :confused:

    This Sucks!
  5. im waitting for the site :rolleyes:
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    Your Looking For Zohai from a distributor that will ship to the USA?
    Click the Link Below to buy it from the only Distributor that I am aware of selling it right now. I wish I had enough money to buy out this vendors entire stock!
    As the Zohai shirt I have says. Buy a little Share A Lot!
    Oh and Have a great day!
    I removed the link sorry. Just go to the worlds most popular internet auction site "starts with E" and type in Zohai RX you will find it. If you have questions or comments ask. Oh and tell the Vendor I sent ya!

    P.S. Grasscity! GET WITH IT! Sell some Herbal Smoking Mixes that are Legal in the US, that are effective, and I am sure you will be overwhelmed with Customers!


    420 4 ever!

    < / / / ((() ~~~~
    Should Marijuana be Decriminalized, Legalized? + Zohai
  7. What's the feeling you get from legal weed?
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    Its not as good as the real deal but its OK for a Legal Substitute.

    Its the usual spacy happy hungry feeling.

    Its decent enough to get you by until the real stuff is legal or available where you are.

    I like it alot but I have only tried Spice (eh ok) Skunk (when it was legal was Fantastic!) Zohai SX (weak Shwag) Zohai MX (somewhat better than sx Commercial) Zohai RX (like good commercial to me maybe bordering on hydro)

    Happy Toking!

    Should Marijuana be Decriminalized, Legalized? + Zohai
  9. what exactly are the active chemicals in these "legal blends" and/or what plants are used. sounds like bullshit.
  10. wait since when do legal buds work?
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    This is all I could find about Zohai's Ingredients:

    ZoHai RX contains a secret combination of plants and herbs, many of which have been used in shamanistic rutuals for centuries.

    They wont give out the exact blend of course because then everyone would be making it.

    It works I can say with certainty.

    I recommend it be smoked in a bong or pipe or joint filled with about a gram and some tobacco or SX.

    It has a great flavor and smell.

    The SX and the MX just arent effective enough for my tastes On their own but when mixed with RX I think they enhance the experience and prolong your smoking.

    For sure 420 is more potent but if you cant smoke that the legal ones are passable and you wont fail a drug screen despite what some may claim.


    Should Marijuana be Decriminalized, Legalized? + Zohai
  12. FYI, Zohai (and some other blends) had synthetic THC in them, that's why you're not finding them for sale in the USA anymore.
  13. Get some PEP SPICE..... Its pretty dam close to the real thing. Its expensive if you get it around town, about 100 for 3g. my friend bought alot of it and sells it for 55 or 60 for the 3g, which isnt to bad. I love it, iv been taking alot of bong rips for the last 2 weeks.
  14. lol i like how you think about this rather than subject yourself to the possible harm this shit can cause. Originally there was an ingredient list that included herbs such as lions tail motherwart marshmellow etc... it's all bullshit as studies have found as recently as the beginning of this year.

    I did a 9 page essay at college about legal highs 1st semester and there was literally no documented refutable sources for spice type products. now theres a lot

    all this shit has synthetic cannabinoids in them with little to no research on the effects. They lied to you about the ingredient list. There are 3 known chemicals that commonly go into these blends and they are already illegal in some countries and soon should be here.

    Usually I would say that sucks, like for salvia where there is a long long history of healthy spiritual use and no toxicity, but in this case I say good for it becoming illegal, at least until there is more research done. We all need to take a pause and think about what we put in our bodies for a second and realize that even the possibility of lasting harmful effects from this shit should outwiegh the benefit of the shitty high it gives you.

    OP why dont you just small dose on dxm or drink or find some other legal highs. IMHO it's just not worth it.

    and yes Ive experienced these blends. When it all comes down to it spike99 is some good shit. But i completely regret ever trying it. When i have or don't have cancer in the future Im gonna be wondering if its from that time prohibition caused me to fuck myself up. Just saying please be reasonable.

  15. despite that I've heard reports from tgl forums that if they take your bowl that you use for spice only and do a scrape it comes back positive for drug paraphernalia, no doubt in my mind because they test the resin for what the weed breaks down into and the synthetic cannabinoid probably produces the same shit in its resin.

    Just a fair warning your spice bowls might not be "safe" so i wouldn't get ballsy and go milk up in front of a cop for fun. But that would be sweet.
  16. IV been on probation with weekely piss test for a year.... then on monehtly for a few monthes, i smoked a few times and it was nice, then i tried some pep spice, when i was hammared from some random guy at the bar. and i was like WOW. so i got some when i was sober, ($50 for a gram, gas pipe in arlington tx, fuckers) 2 other fellow probationers smoked with me and we got blitzzzz. I love it, but yea do I hate the idea of it not being some MJ.... last year if i heard about this pep spice shit, i would say fuck that shit. but its pretty kill.

    If its synthetic and it will show up in a bowl scrape, wouldnt it show up on drug tests? iv been threw 1 after smoking pep everyday for a few weeks, alot. and my freinds been threw a couple... ALL GOOD.

  17. the metabolites they test for in a urinalysis don't come from spice products. You won't fail a drug test, but your bowl **might** get you in trouble.

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