HELP!!! I need some major help, 1st time grow

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  1. OK so im attempting my first grow and for my equipment i have a 432w 4 ft t5 lighting system with mixed spectrum bulbs for veg and flower. For air circulation i have a 18in oscillating fan. The soil is just your average soil from Walmart called jungle grow water wise. As of right now the only source of nutrients these plants are getting is from Blood meal (12-0-0). My problem is is that i think i have a nitrogen deficiency because my biggest plants leaves are curling in and they are turning yellow starting from the outside part of the leave going towards the center. Any tips on how to get them back healthy i've noticed all of my other plants are starting to do it. I have 3 bag seed plants and 1 sour diesel from attitude seed bank 1 critical auto from dinafem (attitude as well) and 1 skunk #1 (attitude seed bank also). Any help would be much appreciated.
    Plants as in order shown
    Bag seed
    Bag Seed
    Bag Seed
    Critical auto
    Sour Diesel
    Skunk #1

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  2. How often are you watering and how much. Temps?
  3. whats the Ph of your run off? the soil probably is way high in ph. Causing lockout
  4. I water every two to three days or when the first inch and a half feels dry and my temps run a bit high, and I haven't ph'd my runoff but I will next watering. Aldo I have been using regular ta water until last watering when I used R/O water.
  5. That soil's full of time release nutrients, much like miracle grow. (those ARE pine trees on the bag, NOT big buds, lmao)
  6. Haha yea I know but the only hydro store close to me is a good hour and a half drive from me so until I get the money trouble buy everything I need I'm not going to waste a trip up there for one thing and then end up having to go back multiple times.

  7. Home depot,Lowes sell pro-mix year round.

  8. i just checked and none of the stores around me carry it.
  9. Ok so I just checked the Ph of my runoff and it was hovering around 7.12 for almost al of the plants. Is that good or bad? If its bad how can I change it without buying anything, also what should the Ph be of R/O water?
  10. Not terrible, but too high. I imagine you don't have any pH down, so go to the grocery store and get some lemon juice.

    pH the water going in to 6.5.

    Personally, I think your problem is the dirt you got 'em in. Time released nutes are a no-no in this hobby. I'd try to transplant them into something better.

    You said they're only getting blood meal. How are they getting said blood meal? It should be mixed in with the soil, not with the water.
  11. you have nute burn, your over fertilised. as said above the soil has a high nutrient content. remarkably common with American bagged soils. we don't get it here in there UK. our nute burn is from good old fashioned giving it to them ourselves lol. seriously though they will perk up. flush the soil with plenty of water and leave the soil to dry up nicely before the next watering. don't feed for a few weeks and you should be back on track.

    do it to the others too otherwise they will end up following suit. buying milder soil will make things easier but if you don't want to waste what you have buy equal parts of coco fibre and mix it together thoroughly. this will thin it out somewhat. probably not worth fertilizing until the plants start showing signs that they need it to be safe

    mix perlite in the soil mix too, 1 part perlite to 2 parts of the soil mix. its great for aeration
  12. The blood meal was mixed straight in with the top inch of soil and I just did it about 4 or 5 days ago. I don't see how they could be mute burned because I have no nutes to give them lol besides the blood meal and they were showing signs way before I gave them the blood meal.
  13. Ohh I forgot to mention that I have topped all of them besides the skunk #1 the critical auto and one of the bag seed plants and so far they are respnding well to it I didn't top them I did the F.I.M technique.
  14. I have noticed this too, i would never use medium that contains food.

  15. the soil is already filled with nutrients, too many infact. the blood meal is packed full of nutrients, why did you use it if you don't know what its for? I don't want to sound condescending, but I'm confused a little
  16. I used the blood meal because my uncle (who's had a couple of very successful indoor grows under his belt) said thar I have a nitrogen deficiency so I used the blood meal which is high in nitrogen to give them a boost.
  17. I do but don't have much choice, only speciality stores like hydro stores sell soiless mixes and there aren't many in the UK. but on ballance you can walk in to any gardening store or garden section in a general store and have 10-15 types of bagged soil (its generally referred to as compost over here, but pronounced differently from the way American's say it) staring back at you. all of which will happily nurture seedlings, even our miraclegrow doesn't give us the issues the American version seems to do with every single person who uses it

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