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  1. Hi, my plant is called 1sthope and I am a first time grower. My seedling hatched May 22, 09. got the seed out of a batch of so I have no idea which kind it is. It germinated in soil an was transplanted into a 3x3 pot with Mg moisture control soil. i think its 0.21-0.07-0.14, and only have been using rain water to water it. And it has been sitting by my window seal for light. Basically its all that I have been doing for my plant for now, besides love and care :) Now my bell leaves have turned yellow and I don't know why? It was transplanted when the first fan leaves where about an inch long. And has been sitting in the 3x3 since. Its been about a week. I didn't have the problem before and it seems to be growing a little slower. I've also been cutting off the edge of the fan leaves as soon as they come out. If anyone can give me some constructive advice, that would be great. I have some pictures on my profile, that I'm about to post soon. Or they could already be up depending when you catch this thread. I'm asking all seasoned pro's to take a look and see what you could diagnose for me for my Hope plant.:)
  2. My best guesses on a casual first glance are either:

    1. You are overwatering or
    2. Your MG soil is giving you trouble. It comes loaded with nutrients vs. good organic soil

    When watering, place your finger 2 inches deep in the soil. If it is moist at all, wait 24 hours, then check again. If it is bone dry, it is watering time.

    Good luck :cool:
  3. The small round leaves at the bottem turning yellow is no big deal, they turn yellow, shrivel up, and fall off. The only purpose for them is when the plant is still a spourt, to collect sunlight and turn that into energy for the plant.
    Also why are you trimming fan leaves right now? The fan leaves are what absorb the beautiful sun rays, and let the plant get massive.
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    thanks guys, well ive done alot of reading searchin the web and read that by cutting the fan leaves as soon as they come out should make my buds more potent? Two of my buddies are at the same stage but we are also trying different methods, so I took that one as an experimental option. Should I stop and wait till later? what stage or how big? If you can see, I'm only trimming the very tip of the edge of the fan leaves. When would be a good time to transplant from my 3x3 to my 10x10? should I change the soil from the mg to something else or should I invest into something else? Its always been in the same environment,so y should I change my soil?

  5. If I were you I would stop cutting the fan leaves. It is not going to increase potency. In fact, it may decrease it, since you are damaging the leaves and reducing the surface area of the plants sun (a.k.a. "food") intake system.
  6. thanx i'm gonna discontinue snipping the tips off since its my first and only plant rite now. maybe i shouldint be expierementing now if am a beginner huh

    Do you think i should change my soil before i transplant it to the bigger pot?
  7. Transplant into the biggest pot you possibly can with some organic soil, dont forget about drainage products, the soil needs to be very airy for the roots to "breath" and grow strong.
  8. thanx, thats what ima have to do but how long does she have before i have to get different soil and how much drainage is good.(do u mean like perlite or somewhere around those lines)

    i have a 10x10 round pot do u think thats good enough and whats some good soil i can get at my local Wal. or Depot.

    thanx again guys stay green!
  9. Don't be afraid to experiment, especially if you are a new grower, that is how you learn. Heed the advice of the experts (not me, just a novice yet). Check out the quote in my signature, I live (and grow) by it.

    Regarding your soil: in my opinion, pick up some nice organic soil and call it a day. I do believe even Wal-mart sells some generic organic soil. It doesn't have to be expensive. The organic soil from my first grow was $8 a bag, and it was perfect, worked wonderfully :D

    Do you have space requirements in your grow? If not, get a 5 gallon bucket to transplant into. If you do, you are obviously going to have to be a bit more picky.

    If you aren't already doing so, pour over the other grow journals here at There is so much knowledge to be gleamed from other peoples experience. It is really a wonderful resource. I would have been lost without it.

    Good luck :D
  10. i've used the same soil and it works fine, try to stick to organic mixes because this always produces a better bud.

    Your window sill will not work for the entire grow, it looks to be stretching some, find a place with more light or provide some light yourself.

    also.. whatever you heard about cutting the tips of your fan leaves making your bud more potent is b.s.. Trimming off full leaves when it is large and bushy provides more light to desired areas
  11. thanx alot guys im gonna be changing her dress to a bigger one and i definetly stoped cutting her beautiful leaves. ill keep u guys posted hopefully she loves me enough to bud me.
    stay green
  12. hey when do the first fan leaves usually fall off?

  13. Are you talking about the little round leaves from the time of germination? They fall off within a week or two, doesn't really matter when though. They do what they do :D

    At this young age you shouldn't see "fan leaves" falling off, however. I imagine you are talking about those first little round leaves.
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    no actually my first two fan leavs are turning yellow. it kinda started at the tip and now there just turning yellow. my bell leaves though are already gone i was worried at first but everyone told me it was normal but i dont think fan leaves should be falling off what do you think could be going on? i put some more pics up maybe you guys can take a look!

    thanx again! peace:smoke:
  15. Hey bud, Post this url in the grow journals thread in the AGA.

    We will be able to find you and your Hope easier. Thanks! :D

    I'll am subscribed so I'll wait to see your pictures. Sorry to hear you are having problems.
  16. ok guys so to all my AGA peeps im gonna try and clear things up!
    The Begin....

    1st Hope my first grow and only one for now.......

    sprouted may 22nd,..In starting Soil,

    on my window for like three weeks or so. finally got transplanted into yes the horrible M.G.moisture control soil,in a 3x3" pot where it chilled on my window until the bottom leaves started to turn yellow so i posted!

    took these:
    i didint know it was normal for the bell leaves to fall off :eek: but hey it got me started on GC:gc_rocks:

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  17. Unless you have a whole side of your house dedicated to windows or have a green house, window grows just don't cut it. You're going to be very disappointed in your grow unless you provide your plants some good lighting.
  18. After a while this happend:
    I thought i was overwatering so i decided to transplant into her final pot which is 10x10" round.

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  19. And so i finally moved her from her window and built her own room:
    bthrm clost
    100 watt daylite, CFL,
    2700k flouro in the top corner,
    Just cheap foil paper for reflection dull side out,
    Timer set at 18/6,
    10x10" pot,

    soil: yes once again i went with M.G. except it is organic. worst mistake i couldof made. it came loaded with gnats which almost brings us up to date!
    Take a look!:

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  20. At first the gnats werent to bad and i went LST!

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