Help! I kinda messed up while trying to clean my bong..

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  1. I'm pretty new to smoking (I've been smoking for 8 months) and decided to buy a bong in the last month. When I went to clean my bong I realised I didn't have rubbing alcohol and heard that nail polish remover also works. IT DID NOT WORK! It became really sticky and smelt really horrible, and it's all over my bong. I know I'm an idiot for trusting it, but can anyone help me clean my bong?!
  2. acetone would, not nail polish... where did you even got that from... anyway since acetone is use to remove that stuff from peoples nails, i assume if you plug both ends of your bong and then fill it 100% with acetone it will probably remove it... i think. but damn u really did fuck up bad

    edit: let it soak over night or longer on the acetone
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  3. That doesn't sound too good to me. I personally would run it through the dishwasher a few times like I do with mine. Once its out rinse and repeat until it seems gone. If it wont release it might be time to trash it.
  4. Is it a glass bong or acrylic (plastic)?
    Glass will come clean with acetone from hardware store (ie paint thinner etc)
    plastic bong is most likely ruined , nail polish remover will eat away at it
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  5. Thank you:) I'll try that
  6. Unfortunately it's plastic:/
  7. Thank you for the advice but I can't as my dad would then find it, and e doesn't know I smoke:/
  8. *he
  9. The nail polish remover ate into the plastic it will never be clear again
    You may be able to rise it out but never be as it once was
  10. Do your self a favor Get a new one trash the old one
    Fumes and vapors are no laughing matters
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  11. Ah okay damn:(
  12. sorry for loss, toss it away,for plastic dish soap will work and there used to plastic cleaners for bongs but now they would hard to find.
  13. Acetone is nail polish remover
    And it will eat into the plastic and disolve it like it does to your nail polish when you use it to remove
    The nail polish is dissolved just as the plastic bongs inside has.
  14. Okay
  15. Thank you, when I get a new one I'll try cleaning with dish soap:)
  16. Thank you, when I get a new one I'll try cleaning with dish soap:)
  17. 1. Buy a glass piece
    2. NEVER use nail polish remover
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  18. Never late to the party I see LOL
  19. Okay aha
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  20. Also avoid plastic bongs
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