Help I Just Found My Gf On A Dating Site

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  1. OK so I looked at my gf's ,of 9 yrs, phone last night because she was sleeping and her phone was blowing up and I found a message from a girl I didn't know with a link to Just hook up .com which ,needless to say, got my attention. So today I went on her email and found out she has a profile on a dating site not just the one named above but another.  I wanna freak out right now,  you have no idea the shit I've been through with this chick. So I went on said dating site created a profile and sent her a message saying "why did I find this".  Now I'm waiting till she gets it,  she's at work right now.  I don't know when she'll get it and IDK what to do. Tbh I wanna kill her,  not really but ya know???

  2. Are you a guy? This would be like a dream come true for me
  3. Damn, I'm interested to see what happens. sucks dude
  4. Play your cards right and you might end up with a threesome :p
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  5. no no if she were trolling for chicks to bring home for us I'd be cool(yes I'm a guy).   But her profile on the dating site said she was looking for a dude. Idk I'M FUCKING FURIOUS RIGHT NOW......AAAAAHHH!!!!
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  6. Sorry man. I wanna see how this turns out. Update us.
  7. Did it say how recently she's used the profile? Are there recent pictures on it? Have you guys ever taken a "break" or anything like that where she might have decided to try dating other people? 
    Just trying to consider all sides here. :p 
  8. No "break".  It's her pic from FB.  She's isn't that computer savy so it makes sense for her to do that.  She also doesn't realize I can check her history on the net. IDK,  IDK fuck I mad...kinda got a full body shake going on right now.  And I'm outa weed.
  9. was she cheating on someone when you first hooked up?  because once a cheater always a cheater 
  10. That really sucks, sorry to hear that man.  Take some deep breaths and try to chill out so you can have a level head when you talk to her about this
    Hope it all goes well considering
  11. I'm not gonna freak out but shit I'M PISSED...idk how too calm
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    Why didn't you make a "Fake" account and attempt to set up a "date", then just show up? Also, gather up some graphic talk online to gather how much she wants to cheat. Sorry man. I'd be pissed too. You're always going to question her now. You have children with this gal? If not, I say move on.
    Edit: And if you do have children, it still would be wise to move on if you can prove to yourself that she's seeking other men.
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  13. It seems she is on the prowl for a new guy or even just fuck sessions.  I'm just telling you how it is bro.
    Those dating sites are only for 2 things, dating or for to meet up and have quick sex. 
    She may or may not have cheated on you already, did you notice any odd behaviour from her lately?  Change in work schedule, going out to meet a "friend" or more than usual.. etc etc
    Well the fact she even has profiles on different sites is enough proof..
    Hope it works out man.  Whatever you do, don't lose your cool, not worth it.
  14. Why didn't just ask her about it in person? Been together 9 years and you can't confront her?
    Sounds like she is looking for attention from guys which means that she doesn't feel like she is getting enough from you. Doesn't necessarily mean she wants to cheat or leave you.
  15. Thank you so much for your post! It is a strong reminder for me to stay free of that shit and keep on fappin to porn...
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  16. I'm so stupid wtf did I do with my life.  Yes she was cheating on someone when we hooked up and she's lied to me b4 about her past..IDK fuck...................
  17. come on now beating it to porn is great but a real peice o pussy well i let the blades that read this decide.
  18. If she is doing this to get attention there are other intentions in this act.
    If she is trying to get more attention from her man, she will do it infront of him to make him jealous not be a shady bitch and do it totally secret.
  19. When we're in love we like to think better of people. Think they can change and grow. We think that they won't hurt us or lie or sneak around.
    Sadly we usually get hurt.
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  20. Bro, I know exactly what kind of girl that is.
    I dated a similar girl for 3 years.  I thought she would be loyal to me because we were in "love".
    pfffft yeah fucking right she was the biggest hoe behind my back.  FUCK THAT SHIT BRO LEAVE THAT CUMDUMPSTER.

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