help i have mold

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  1. i have a white mold on the the top of the soil on one of my plant and in the bottom of the pot help please
  2. Neem oil is for pests, bro. Get some Green Cure.
  3. I use Neem oil for mold. I'm reading my bottle to make sure I'm not nuts. yep, for mold and fungus. In fact right on the top of the bottle says fungicide. Here ill take a pic for ya.

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  4. well your the first person I have ever heard actually refer someone to need oil for mold. Generally Neem Oil is used as a defense against pests. Spider Mites mainly. But, I stand corrected I guess it works on mold as well. I would still get something specifically made for mold, though. Something like Greencure.
  5. Neem works great for mold. I have used it myself.

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