HELP I have a drug test in 30 minutes

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  1. I have a drug test that is being sent to a lab and I have to go to the facility in 30 minutes! I smoked 1-2 times a day for 10 days and it has been 7 days since i have smoked. I drink about 50oz of water a day and I am 130 lbs (if that matters). I have exercised about three times in the last 7 days. Should I be okay? If not, will I be clean in 4 days?

  2. I think it takes 30 days for it to get out of your system. But maybe you are lucky? 
  3. No...Well, maybe; but probably not, no. :cool:
  4. Shit, thank you for replying. Are there any quick things I can do (besides drinking a fuck ton of water) to have a better chance of passing it? I can't sneak in any one else's pee by the way.
  5. Drink a fuck ton of water so your urine is diluted and hope they reschedule at a later date, unless its a saliva test.
  6. Did you pass ?????????
  8. Ok thank you Dankness420 and yeah it's a urine test. I'm on my way there right now, I won't get the results for at least a few days.
  9. Probably not, since you're already on the way lol

    Good luck passing. Next time include lots of exercise w/lots of water.
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    Dilluting your urine will cause the test to come back inconclusive, which can be an automatic fail depending who is testing you.
  11. Dip your finger tips in bleach, let dry. Repeat untill u have a layer of dried bleach salts on them, rinse it off in the cup u are peeing in, this will fuck the test up and buy you some time, they won't question you about it, but will request u to take another in the very near future
  12. FUCK YEAH!!!! They only brought me in to schedule the urine test for 4 days from now!!! Thank you Secret Jardin for the bleach tip, should I try that when I go in on Monday or do you think I can pass it if I exercise a lot and drink a lot over the weekend?
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    That may be a gamble, if you were a professional athlete who is on a perfectly healthy diet and exercising/training very hard upwards of 12hrs or more a day and is at the peak of there physicality id say yes you could probably swing it, i know MMA fighters that smoke and pass drug tests, but its only because they have such a high metabolism and practically zero body fat for THC to get stored in, do you have the option of a mouth swab test? People think its fool proof but they are easyer beat than a piss test if u prepare correctly. On another note, professional athletes also pass drug tests by getting clean fresh urine and they actually take a big ass syringe and stick it through the pelvis area and inject the clean urine into the bladder!!!! Then go and piss it out and by all apparent observations they gave a clean drug test
  14. Damn, I am on a gluten free diet consisting of only organic food but I doubt I would have enough time to exercise for basically the entire amount of time I would be awake for a few days straight.The woman that I have to go to for the drug test said that there would be a small chance that she won't be available on the Monday I would be going in on. Is there any chance that I could get clean in 7 days from now?
  15. I've seen people do it, but agin it's a gamble, go ahead and drink tons of water and sweat/pee it out, u just need to sweat so sitting in a hot"bath or anything that will make u sweat is good, u dont technically have to be exercising just sweating, maybe take some stackers to boost metabolism. Cranberry juice etc. in the mean time try and get someone to lend u clean pee, or order some synthetic and pay for the fast shipping options
  16. Ok, thank you so much. Sadly, I am allergic to cranberries but I will definitely buy stackers and eat some other metabolism boosting foods. I'll definitely try hot baths, drinking a lot of water, and I'll hit up the gym or the sauna. Thanks again, you'll be the reason I pass this drug test if I do hahaha.
  17. Substitute w/Blue Berries  :yummy:
  18. Dude buy the fake piss, I doubt you will pass having smoked ten days in a row

    And diluting is just delaying the inevitable especially with lab testing

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