Help I got weird wrinkles

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  1. IMG_3232.JPG Not sure what the cause of this is. All my other plants do not show any signs of this strange wrinkled leave(s) Anybody ever experienced this.
  2. How hot is it outside
  3. Cool today in the 70's I'm in Massachusetts. All the plants are outside and this is the only one with this issue.
  4. Dude I've been having that same thing happen here and there on 2 of my plants. I just assumed it was high winds in the area that caused it. Although I haven't really tested it out too much. I was also having the brown spots than wind burned cannabis plants would have. Sooooo... I am not too sure what it could be though and am here to see what answer you get so I can help my ladies out.

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  5. I duno--- man all of my girls all have been at the same party. Hope somebody can offer some possible explanations.
  6. Possibly wind stress.
  7. I duno--- man all of my girls all have been at the same party. Hope somebody can offer some possible explanations.
  8. We do and have been getting high wind around here, intermittemtly albeit but ya. Still this one plant is the only one with that issue.
  9. Are the rest partially or fully hidden from wind?
  10. That is a good question and I get your point. I place them here and there. She might have been twisting and turning a bit too much. Do you think I should top it off?
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  11. The discoloration is prob some genetic mutation and the wrinkled leaves could be from watering to much
  12. Over watering is going to cause wilting.
  13. Sometimes they just get those speedbumps without the wilting. That's what mine did except for one cross. One actually wilted kinda like when they knock out at night
  14. Could also be ferts. Thing is, it could be a ton of thing even wind. Sometimes bugs eat at the young foliage then when it grows, the damage starts to stretch causing leaf to deform. I've seen it all and they all look similar.
  15. Are your other plants sativas. I noticed my sativa is alot more resistant to wind burn. I assume it's due to the thinner leaf stature. My indica fan leaf fingers are so fat they cross over with absolutely no space between them and has alot more wind resistance. They flail around alot more in high winds. My assumption of the wrinkling of my fan leaf fingers was due to the possibility the plant is understanding that it is in high wind conditions, and is trying to reduce wind resistance by wrinkling thus making a little more space to allow wind to flow through. If someone chimes in and says I'm right that'll be awesome. However understand that I have never came across this before and I could totally be wrong. I'm always open to learn and take more experienced grower's advice

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  16. Hey didn't see this before my last post and would like to see what you would have to say about my theory that I posted a minute ago. Glad to learn that fertilizer or bugs could cause these problems. As far as fertilizers go, would this possibly be due to the type of fertilizer or more so over fertilizing?

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  17. We will have real hot and humid 90" temps the next 3 days. I flushed that plant thinking it could be a nutrition problem
    and watered all the others as well in prep for the heat wave.
  18. I like that thinking man. Well some are sativa and some Indica.That plant to me does seem to have bigger leaves might be indica. I had it laled as Thai but I botched up my coding/labeling system and will blame that on my Dobie puppy. I will keep you posted.
  19. That is classic over-watering. The cells have ruptured from too much water.
  20. Yea that theory makes sense. The bigger leaf will catch more wind sorta like a bigger sail boat would. I've actually thought of that too and also noticed that my indicas were a little more sensitive to wind but I don't really do anything. I kinda take the Darwin approach with my grow. If I have to baby it too much then it just wasn't meant to be
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