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Help! I got robbed!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by John Rolf, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. I dont know what to do! my dealer is out of town for thanksgiving and coincidently tis one guy i know texted me saying he got some dank so i was like alright i met him in front of my house and as im taking out my money he snatches it and driver floors it. im hanging on to the window and he keeps speeding up going about 50 mph as im screaming stop please please please just stop. STOP PLEASE. he goes about half a mle going 50 mph and my shoes fell off and the cement tore up my skin and ripped through my new pacsun jeans making my knees burnt up and bloody. oh and he closed the window so my fingers got stuck and bruised. he finally slowed down to where i could jump onto the grass. As im running home all of my neighbors are outside asking if im okay, i say yes and tell them he was my friend just messing around ( i live with my parents) and i run home. Now i have no medication to ease my pain, no money for medication, and im bleeding everywhere. it hurts extremely bad and i can practicallly see my bone from the scraping of my toe. I hate this fucker and all the while he was laughing. This is horrible what should i do? hes bigger than me and friends with my friends that are big ( but they like me more). Should i call an annonymous tip for marijuana on him. I want to get back at this fuckker.
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    Find out where he lives and call a bust on him. If that doesn't work molotov/brick his house. Bear trap his lawn. Kill his cat. But just stay out of harms way.

    Obviously I'm kidding... or am I?

    Please don't even joke about things like this here. -JD
  3. If he got caught im pretty sure he would rat you out too (maybe), uhh your injuries, I would go see a doctor, that doesn't sound to good. haha
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    Hit N Run the fuker

    Promotion of violence is not welcome here. -JD
  5. I wanna get that fucker in trouble, apparently hes done it to others too. i just dont wanna get fucked up for it
  6. #7 High as Space, Nov 27, 2010
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    i suggest getting some more heads and knock on his door at 3 am.. he will know whats up.. if he wants trouble give it to him.

    lets the guns blaze like fire works bro

    Again, promotion of violence is not welcome. -JD
  7. Don't. In the grand scope of things, getting back at him will not get you your medication, or you money. It certainly won't heal your injuries. Any good that could come out of getting back at him is greatly outweighed by the bad that could happen. I speak from experience. Karma is a cruel, cold-hearted bitch my friend, and that asshole will get what he deserves.

  8. It was a pretty stupid move to let a unknown dealer come to your house imo. But if revenge is on your mind, you'd better do it properly.

  9. Very true. Hopefully karma will get me some nice bud in the near future and he gets arrested. All is fair right?
  10. If your bleeding profusely and seeing bone after being hauled behind a car barefoot for half a mile what the fuck are you doing worrying about your dope?

    Get the hell off your computer and go to the hospital.

    Dont be stupid


  11. yea i should have thought that through a little better but hes sold to me once before and was fine.
  12. God some of the advice our members give.....:rolleyes:

    Kicking his ass (if you do) isn't going to help anything. If he doesn't smash your ass or shoot you, then somebody might see and the cops'll get involved. Instead, sue his ass. You have his phone number, that's all you need. File a claim, if you really were getting dragged down the road with all these witnesses then you have one hell of a case going for you. Besides, what's his defense gonna be? "I was taking his money when I showed up to his house to sell him weed"?
  13. Yeah... or act reeeaal crazy... just make sure it doesn't happen again

  14. I would enjoy to do this very much but i also dont want my name on the records for marijuana and would like to just smoke in peace without having the thought of the government knowing i smoke.
  15. how much money did u even get robbed for?

  16. 45$ thats all i had for this weeks supply :mad:

  17. Lol, well in that case you should just leave it be. Tough luck, but I guess you learned something: Don't trust all dealers. Tend to your wounds and before you know it you'll be blazing again :)

  18. true but 45 may not sound like alot but to me it is, i dont have a job anymore so im scrounging for money all i can and an eighth usually last me a good week or two. I guess i should just save up until i can get a large amount, blaze on that for a while and save an eighth of it for all times in case my dealers out of town. Oh well
  19. Cool story bro.

    If it's only 45 bucks forget it and make your way to the hospital if you're really hurt. Find a new dealer too.
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