Help, I fell in love with my what?

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  1. I recently got a hold of a weed connect after moving from Los Angeles to las Vegas. We just kinda clicked and I know he fell in love with me as much as I did for problem is I have a bf and he started questioning me about who I'm picking up from and wanted to meet him so they met and now my connect wants nothing to do with me. He'll deliver to me but won't talk to me like before. So what should I do stop seeing him and lose my only weed connect? Or keep picking up and just play it cool? Idk what to do I get the feeling he wants me to stop but hey business is business and I need weed.
  2. well obviously keeping him as a connect is priority number one, so don't fuk that up. you need to put your emotions aside for your connect. You have a man, why are you with him if you're supposedly "In Love" with your connect? this is kind of a dud topic
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  3. Oh, for sure keep cheating on your boyfriend dude. Wtf don't be an idiot. If you're in love with someone else, you don't care about your boyfriend.
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  4. Did you encourage it?
  5. lmfao...
    this is some Weeds of our lives shit
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  6. Flip a coin, choose your bf for heads and connect for tails. If you don't like your first flip you have your answer.

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  7. You sound like a weed junkie. As far as love your to young to understand.
  8. No it just happened
  9. Its not even like that. If my boyfriend wasn't an alcoholic this would be a totally different story. I've been wanting to leave him....
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  10. Hahaha ok
  11. Great advice! Thanks!
  12. Dump em both and Marry Jane LOL. relationships are overrated, the only person you can truly love is yourself
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  13. 100
  14. Trap them both in a well and tell them to fight to the death. Problem solved. After that you'll just have to figure out how to pull the victor up, and if it's your boyfriend then you'll need to find a new connect.
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  15. Come on people keep it real, we're all just a bunch of puzzle pieces, some fit together well and some dont, if you dont fit, move to another piece, dont paint yourself and fuck up the whole picture for everybody who appreciates it, nor should we twist someone elses edges just because we dont fit their piece. Just my opinion of course, but this is a great representation of the circle of life, everybody gets exactly what they deserve in the end.
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  16. Hey, remember that time you were born? ITS A GOOD THING YOUR PARENTS FUCKED THEN HUH. Were only here to die, dont treat people like theyre any less of a human than you are. Inconsiderate lizard
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    Got to agree with this person. I wouldn't go as far as slut but you said you fell in love with someone when you have a boyfriend. Don't fuck him over and cheat on the side. Honestly your connect sounds like a highschooler. "you gotta choose me or him wawawa". In the long run break up with your boyfriend and feel bad about it or I hope he fell in love with a female connect.

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  18. Well then leave him or talk to him. I gave up alcohol for my girlfriend and was a very bad alcoholic. I am only 5,8 and was at 3 hurricane 40oz a day. started drinking during work, calling out in mornings etc. Not about me though. Just talk to him or leave him and have no one now. I'm sure your childish choose me or him dealer will come back. I know that by his highschooler comment.

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