Help! I dont want my house to burn down!!!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by creed420, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Hey grasscity! How's everyone today?!
    Anyways I whent and baught a cheap bookcase from wallmart today to do a small 1 or 2 plant indoor grow.
    My problem is I don't want the lights getting too hot and catching the filler board or whatever it is on fire.. I only have 2 2 foot 2 light t 12s but still I'm worried.... Help please!
    Lmao and also I was wondering on how to make and attach a small carbon filter to the computer fans, 2 small like 3 inch fans on the one exaust unit btw..... Thanks ;)
  2. 1.) Your plants will more than likely be dead before your wood will burst into flame from ambient heat

    2.) Your exhaust set-up should also pump heat out of your grow space to keep temps down for the plant anyway

    3.) Fluorescent lights don't put out enough heat to set ablaze in the first place (Unless a ballast fries up but that's a different story, also not too likely)

    But all in all you should be fine by just putting your fans near the top of your grow space (heat rises) and if you are really worried just put some fan that blows on the light towards an exhaust fan.

    Also if you search you should find a tutorial on your own carbon filters and I do believe one addresses mounting them to computer fans. Although all you need is some carbon filter material (duh) and some sort of wire mesh or anything that will add light support to put the filter on. I imagine you could hot glue some mesh in a square around the fan, place a square on top (not mesh material), and then all you need to do is wrap the filter around with zipties or something.
  3. Thanks bro! I'd give u plus rep but I'm on my iPhone and don't have a CPU but thanks :D
  4. Yea we are talking about an ignition temp of over 400F, so if it gets that hot.... well, your screwed :p

  5. If it gets over 400F, kill two birds with one stone, toss in some dam chicken and cook dinner... :laughing:

    Sorry, stoned and couldn't resist... :wave:
  6. Yeah, that would super suck if you were to catch your grow on fire.

    I think you might just need to watch the heat of yoru grow the first day to see how things go. You will find that the first day is a good indicator of how hot things will get after a few hours. after all, after a few hours, things will get to be even hotter and you can figure out just how horrible things will get after a few days.

    you don't want to burn things up before they get started....

    and don't even get me started on getting a bookcase from walmart. the chemcials in those shelves alone are probably going to ruin a grow. LOL
  7. I have a smoke alarm over my grow. I don't expect to have a fire, but I will know if I do!

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