HELP! I don't want my buds to die!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by lXtreeml, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. I have been having a problem with all my plants but one of them is getting it REALLY bad now. My plants were extremely healthy throughout veg and early flower.. but now I'm about 42 days flowering and I'm getting yellow leaves on the bottom half of some of my plants-but one of them they start out getting dry spots.. then the leaves curl in a twist almost until I trim them.. eventually the whole fan leaf dies and I cut it off. It's been working it's way up the plant and now I'm afraid if I can't figure out the cause soon it may die. I was using Fox farm grow big during veg, then switched to big bloom during flowering-I do NOT have tiger bloom nutes, I have odered them but have been only using big bloom and water of course. I flushed all the plants at the first sight of problems and the one that had it the worst has been flushed twice. The problem is continuing to get worse. I've added some pics for details. Is this some sort of deficiency from not using tiger bloom? or a pH issue?(also I don't have a pH meter :()
  2. well looks like there's something wrong with uploading pics.. I tried to upload 2 of them and it said one worked successfully and then none show after I post?
  3. If you can explain your setup itll give more of an insight. Wat kind of lighting? Temps? Rh? Wat soil?
  4. Didn't see date sorry

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