HELP I bent my 23 day old plant

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by nexiusus, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. My plant is 23 days old and it has a super weak stem apparently. I was going to give it its first little LST bend and while bending the wire I bent the stem. When I say bent the stem is so weak at the third node that it is aimed directly at the dirt. Will this recover? I tied a small splint using a stick to it. It has absolutely no tears and is 100% attached and not squished or anything, just weak and bent.
  2. ya man just get the splint right and you should be good
  3. I took a twig and stuck it right next to the stem and then used gardening twist tie to tie a little twist knot at the exact break around the twig. How long will it take for this to recover approximately?
  4. you gotta give it a bit man, think of it like a human, you cut urself it takes a little while to heal up, but plants do it somewhat faster, so just keep doing what your doing and it will be fine. infact that part of the stem will be stronger then the rest, and you might even do what they call supercropping to get more cola's out of the whole ordeal
  5. She healed up in under 24 hrs and was ready for LST again the next day. Thanks guys.

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