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HELP I am Ready to buy these lights

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by finnagen, May 31, 2009.

  1. This is not the growing section; you'll get more and better replies in the proper forum.

    To answer your question, LED's are good for vegetating but I would not recommend them for flowering.
  2. OSG - you gotta stop helping kids out in the wrong section so they learn to post correctly - it really isnt hard to find the right section to post in and this kid has made this same thread 3 times now

    I know you mean well but answering them just encourages them to continue

    to the OP - seriously - 3 fucking threads about these jank grow lights??

    3 threads - is that necessary and why should anyone help when you cant get your head round where you post - EVERY forum has a description - READ THEM and post appropriately - if you had done this in the first place you would have got answers to your questions by now

    anyone with a problem with this advice can do one - you wouldnt put water in your petrol tank would you??

  3. just despite smoke, it sounds like a big waist of money, just go with florescents and ask your questions where they have legitimate chance of being answered. i mean y would u ask this in the smokers section when there is 4 different growing sections? you're not really thinking are you?
  4. I Apologise But were you not in my shoes once ,Kind Regards:wave:.
    I actually Thought it Concerned All But what do i know A:cool:

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