HELP Hydro First Grow Clone and seed dying...

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  1. Alright This is my first grow I have a
    3 ft box
    3 14 Watt 6500K CFL's
    1.5 gallon container
    Floraseries Performace pack nutrients
    pH Down
    Tap water with pH of 7-8
    1 Green Crack Female Clone
    1 Girl Scout Cookie Seed?(It was found in a GSC nugg so im assuming its that if that was the strain I had)
    Plants are on 22 hrs on 2 hrs off because it gets fairly cold in my house.
    I live in Michigan.
    So pretty much I brought the clone first and when I did I didnt have any ph down or real nutrients.
    She was placed in the box on a 18-6 cycle but whenever Id check the box after lights came back on it would be like 40-45 degrees so I upped the light time for some odd reason I guess I felt 6 hours of 40 degrees could be crucial...
    I then obtained the GSC seed and germinated it inside the box.
    The seed sprouted fast and was looking very healthy. GSC and Green crack both looked pretty healthy and was left in the box until one day i opened and the leaves on Green crack were pointing down. I then decided it was time to get pH tester and real nutries. When I got the Floraseries Performance Pack Nutries I added them to the water and pHd it down for the first time also. I felt that since I have a fresh seed and a clone I would meet in between the two for the doses of the nutris. The seed grew pretty well after this has a super long root and the clone remained healthy. A week had passed by so I figured Id move on to week 2 nutries again meeting half way between the two hopeing the seed will catch up. It was the next day that I had opened the box and saw the disaster the ph was way off when i tested it and the GSC was folded down Green crack was yellowish and had burnt marks plus the Green crack roots were slightly dirty no longer whiteish like before( i think this was caused from the piece of leaf i found insinde of the roots today I removed with a sterilized needle.
    Im currently flushing the system the flush will be over at 5:30pm EST so hopefully some one responds before then with how i should go about nutries now or if i should even use them immediatley.
    I will attach pictures with each date i took it from the first day i got the clone.
    What I feel I should do is after the flush put it back on to 18-6 or 19-5 since it seems like there heat stress and put the nutries back at when i first started and let them grow more i feel like theyre growing a little slow.
    Day1-4 pH was at 7-8 and no real nutrients were used.
    What should I do grass city?!
    Box Setup
    2014-10-17 14.01.18.jpg
    Day 1 Clone
    2014-10-17 17.44.18.jpg
    Day 2 Clone
    2014-10-18 20.35.00.jpg
    Day 2 Clone & Seed
    2014-10-18 20.35.15.jpg
    Day 3 Clone & Seed
    2014-10-19 12.50.09.jpg
    2014-10-19 19.24.00.jpg
    Day 4 Clone and Seed
    2014-10-20 13.54.25.jpg
    Day 5 Clone and Seed( added glass of water to up humidity, started using floraseries nutris and adjusted ph to 6-6.5, added 1 26watt 1600 lumens big CFL between 2 small 14 watts to see how it would affect heat i think the plants did better with this light but it was to much heat even when raised to the top of box)
    2014-10-21 10.00.06.jpg
    2014-10-21 14.00.16.jpg
    2014-10-21 14.00.23.jpg
    Day 6 Clone and Seed
    2014-10-22 09.22.35.jpg
    2014-10-22 09.22.44.jpg
    Day 7 Clone and Seed(Seed was knocked over while cleaning thats why its leaning, my brother clipped the green  crack clone and this is when i think the leaf fell into water and got into roots now that I see the picture.)
    2014-10-23 10.23.56.jpg
    Day 8 & 9 Clone and Seed
    Clone starts yellowing but still very green on top develops a few brown tips only on tips
    Seed is attach to toothpick and still growing up tall
    Flushed system changed nutrients to 2nd week growth phase according to Floraseries
    hydroponic instructions.
    Day 10 Clone and seed walked in to this disaster(looks like over watering dont know how though if in hydro with air stone, heat stress, and magnes defieciency?)
    2014-10-26 15.29.04.jpg
    pH Levels
    2014-10-26 16.48.20.jpg
    I know its not a seed anymore but just didnt want to get you guys confused please help me. I think after the flush I should  go back to the 18-6 or 19-7 light cycle and have lights off during michgans warmest parts of the day 11am-5pm and go back to week one nutrients after letting them sit in nutrient free water for a few after teh flush? what do you guys think I feel like theyre dying on me well those big fat leave on the clone and the seed looks like it suffered headt and over watering. BTW seed has one long root submerged in water.


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