Help! How to find smokers in your area?

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  1. So, here's my problem... I moved 6-7 months ago, and I can't find a hook up to save my friggin soul. My pipe has been empty for what seems like forever and I just don't know what to do anymore.

    Anyone have any go-to tricks for finding a setup in a foreign land?

  2. go downtown to the hipster-filled coffee shops and shit and find some. shouldn't be hard.
  3. Skateparks in random cities rarely disappoint.
  4. Just walk up to random people and start talking to them. Ask for a lighter if they say yes, then you ask if they get high.
  5. If you have any head shops, look around for people in there. If you've made any friends at all in the new town, ask them if they know anybody who smokes. Friend of a friend of a friend eventually works ;)
  6. Live in the Davenport, IA area, and there are 0 head shops. Nada. Poked around at bars and came up dry time after time. Suck :(
  7. Co-workers or if you want shwag from little brats go to skateparks.
  8. there are always drug dealers that hang out at parties.

    find a frat house near you
  9. Look for a stoner looking guy, ask to bum a cigarette, if they give you one ask if they smoke (they will now know you are talking about weed, without ever having to say anything about weed).
  10. It is hard to find a community college that doesn't have a "stoner's table" in the lounge, cafeteria or other gathering area! Take a ceramics or yoga class!
  11. Go to a nearby ski resort if theres one near you brooooo
  12. In Ohio the ski resorts are the stoner head quarters, snowboarders dude
  13. I 've had the same experience since relocating to a small mid size town. For 2 weeks I had no connect. Playing pickup hoop at local park, met some players who blazed up after game--blazed up and got pho# and intro. Also got a connect on the city metro bus--deal$r literally got on bus and said near the back of bus "anyone want to purch smoke?" I was literally surprised by the fact that 5 people in the area of about 9 in the back of bus immediately bot pot while IN the bus! So a connect made again. These were my experiences; I suggest that you be open to the "unexpected" connect and tap into the "usual" venues like city parks, coded-onlines, and restaurant waiter staff and cooks.
  14. Go to a park with a basketball hoop nd just ask a random person. Its worked for me before. I just asked a couple of guys who were playin hackie sack if they knew where to get weed
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  17. No matter what advice people give by telling you to go here or there, 95% of the time it breaks down to just making new friends/acquaintances

    Just set out to meet people however you think best fits you. Meet the people, and after a while of talking steer the conversation towards herb.

    If you just don't want to socialize much hit up online. Browse your local area and creep profiles on facebook, find someone who is your age and obviously into weed based on likes, then add them and chat them up. If you play it chill they'll probably help you
  18. Go to maccas at 12am in the morning, when you pay the cashier drop some rolling papers on the ground and pick them up again, they'll come talk to you hahaha. True story.
  19. A lot of good ideas here, you guys & gals rock. Wish me luck I guess....

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