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*HELP* how should i smoke a half oz i get friday?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ismokeghudbud, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. yo, whats up?

    im getting a half oz. this friday and i was gonna smoke roll 20 .5's and save 4grams for bongs.
    EXCEPT now i have a bowl and chillum and i was thinking maybe 5 1g king size zig zags, and rest for bowls and bong.

    how would you smoke a half ounce? or any suggestions!
  2. Gravity bong!!! and the waterfall gravity bong
  3. I'd smoke it all out of glass. I dont seem to get as high off joints plus they use a bit more weed. But if u like joints then roll up
  4. we got a zong and this one is my friends about 2weeks old... [​IMG]

    yeah ill be high...and uts dank just got a g of snowcaps...from dude ill be gettin a half from.
  5. u must of never smoke a 1.5 gram joint before my friend.
  6. You should smoke it one sesh at a time. Hmmm, what do I feel like this time? :smoke:
  7. However you want.
    Little bit of this, an a little bit of that.
    But a few fattys for suurrreeee.
  8. A couple king size papers and 4-8 grams all ground up to start the sesh. Roll that up and enjoy. Probably get nicely ripped off that. Grind up another 4 grams and just bong it to the dome. Then take a break for a little snackage. After that move on to what remains and smoke it in whatever method you please. By the time you get around to this part I think you will be able to come up with a creative and enjoyable way to use the rest. I suggest looking up some crazy joint designs or shoot, i dont even know, bust out some fruit and a ice pick. Just get creative and make memory's, even if you get to baked to remember it all.
  9. Vapevapevapevapevapevapevapevapevape. get that 98% thc lmfao
  10. Roll a tulip joint.
  11. thanks for the ideas guys, i would use a vape. except i dont have one and dont even know if my headshop sells any(prob do but never asked to see one).
  12. #12 phil3, Aug 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Shit I would be so fucked up on half an o thru a vape. I'm not even sure that's possible
  13. Defiantly try the Dutch tulip, it is amazing.
  14. Never quite understood the tulip but personally I like bowls conserves a bit and makes it last
  15. just rip bowls. smoke j's save for later when your good?
  16. i live in minnesota, i never bought dutch, ive only bought swishers,phillys, and my favorite white owls, and some flat raps i forgot the names but they were only like 99cents for 2.

  17. you can use zigzags, or whatever you want im pretty sure.

    Making a tulip joint, Amsterdam special joint
  18. Roll 3 fat blunts, use the rest on the bong.
  19. im a fan of garcia vega's myself they are slow burning
  20. blunts for sure, burn twice as long as joints

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