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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by marni3d, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. heya thanks for looking

    this is my 1st grow! would like to know how many hours of light i need to give my spouts!!! do i keep the light on for 18hrs - i am only using a 20watt light just to give them light!

    also - im using small rockwool cubes, when should i put them in bigger cubes? afew of my spouts have grew afew inches within acouple of days and how wet do i keep the rockwool cubes, as last time the dryied out n died :D ( not gud )

  2. I'm only familiar with Outdoor growing, and lighting conditions..But, from what I do know, I don't believe 20W lights are effective enough. Rockwool is good, and you should see about moving them to soil, rather than larger rockwool cubes. It's a decent growing medium, but not much on nutes. Mist the cubes until they're damp, then wait until they're almost dry, and repeat. When your plant's a good 6-8 Inchs, with some leaves, you'll want to transplant into something like a 3-5 gallon pot. If you want a higher yield, go for a 10 Gallon, or more if necessary. Like I said, 20W doesn't sound at all adiquet. For an outdoor grow (Like mine) 5 hours of direct sunlight is the minimum, 8 is perfect. I'm not sure exactly how the varience is between indoor, and out, so you might want to try the General Indoor Growing area of the forum. I hope I helped some, peace.
  3. thanks lion, im only using the 20watts for the spouts, tomoz i will buy a fluorescent light and keep it on them for 10days, once they have grown about 8" i will transfer them into my grow room, will start them off with 250watts for a month then 600watts.

    about the soil, im not using soil, im using a bubbler system, this is why i wanted to know when to transfer them into bigger cubes, but i know when now! :smoking:

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