help!! how do i pass a drug test!?

Discussion in 'General' started by nicole420, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. well ive been having to take thc tests (urine) and ive failed a few, the last one i got a friends pee in a condom but i couldnt heat it up enough so i cant do that again. i also cant afford system cleaners of fancy heaters or dried urine. does anyone know of any remidies you can drink or use that arent expencive that will clear my system of thc? HELP!
  2. A ol lady friend of mine says she always puts salt (regular table salt) in her nails and puts it in her urine sample n it makes the weed not show up. dunno if it works, but thats what I've heard n shes old, shes had experiance and doubt she'd lie to me.
  3. I've never herd of salt. Makes me wonder?

    Well my sugeston is to drink lots of water, cranberry juice as well as other juices, and exsercise. If the test will be real soon, the only proven way to pass with your own urine is those drinks.

    Number one thing to do is stop Smoking till after the test.
  4. There is an easy way to keep someone elses urine warm. The condom thing is how to store it but they have these things out now for your back and for cramps, called ThermaCare. It's like a small heating pad but it heats up in some weird air-activated way. You just strap them on where your pain is, it heats up and stays that way for hours. Just put the condom underneath it but don't let it get too hot.

    Here's a link for them so you'll know what to look for in the store.

  5. That's strange that you mention that because when I was drug tested they made me wash my hands I guess they're on to it.
  6. hmm the salt thing sounds like a good idea. but how much salt do you need?
  7. niacin pills work good if you have 7-10 days (more or less depending on how much you smoke) to get clean. 500mg time release. 1 after breakfast (split in half) and 1 after lunch (whole) and you should be good :)
  8. one way to keep it warm is to tape it ur thie or under ur arm pit

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