HELP - horrible nute burn

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Protestthegrow, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. I have no idea what happened here, except maybe I fucked up when adding nutes, my edges are CRAZY yellow. Can't find pics like this anywhere but my own. [​IMG]

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  2. It seems more like a deficiency to me but I dont have a ton of experience with soil and or deficiencies.[​IMG]

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  3. Thats not nute burn. That's a magnesium deficiency most likely. Whats your PH of the nute solution and the runoff? What nutes are you using and how much?
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  4. What kind of lights are you using?
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    As was already said, that ain't nute burn.
    I think you have a pH. problem that is most likely locking out magnesium and other nutrients.
    If it were mine, I would flush it with plain pH adjusted water, about twice the normal amount (or even 3 times).
    Flushing it out this way sorta' resets everything.

    Good luck bro!
    PS. calibrate your pH. pen... don't need that screwing with ya!
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  6. not to hi-jack but what if the colors were opposite? light inside dark outside?
  7. You might also want to do a foliar spray with epsom salt (unflavored, unscented, plain) at 1tsp. per gallon.
    Now I am relatively new at this but the flush I am certain you should do asap, however, you might want to hear others opinion about the epsom salt. It is magnesium sulfate and will provide the needed mg. through the leaves but you may want a second opinion.

    *edit* I would apply the epsom salt just before lights out so it don't burn off/evaporate as fast.
  8. I don't have a lights out as of right now, im running a full 24 veg. I'm going to flush with good ph'd water, my last watering must have had a totally whacked out pH. Will update soon, thanks guys

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  9. That is what I do also. 24/0 lighting... I find it much easier to maintain temps & RH with constant lighting.

    *edit* I do it under a 250W floro for majority if not all of veg tho.
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    Flush that shit with water. Check your faucet pH and if it is 6.0-7.0 just use the tap.
    If your pot is 3 gallons put 9 gallons of water through it, run triple the soil volume worth of water, as a rough guide. Set it in the sink or bath and drench that bitch.

    I hope to fuck you have decent drainage in that thing. If not, drill some small holes in the bottom and sides before flushing.

    I am going to guess you have magnesium deficiency due to lockout from high pH soil. It may be an iron-related deficiency too, calcium, magnesium and iron all sort of work together, or don't. We would need more details to have a better guess. I have never seen interveinal chlorosis that bad before. Flushing can work wonders in a situation like this, but you may have to repot in better soil, or top dress the existing soil with something acidic, hard to say. Try flushing the shit out of it first and see how she recovers. By the way, this sort of situation is the only time flushing will do you any good. The "flush before harvest" stuff is voodoo witchdoctor pseudoscience poppycock bullshit.

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