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Help Hobbes' PLEASE :-/

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hobbes, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, BudFanatic answered to your him I'd deep six the MH. Are your ballasts in the room? Just read they are..major heat source right there. If you can't take your ballasts out, turn a light or two O.F.F.F. Your babies will do fine without the extra light..but with them All on your doing damage.
  2. whatever i gota rethink the whole thing... i dont know maby if i just scraped the wholoe moveable light idea... i mean i of course know that what i have now is purfect for the plants bringing the lights as close as i can and all but i dont think hat the stretching would be that great if i just mounted them to the top of the box and built a case round them there that the fan could better keep cool..... that and move the ballasts out of the current hood and put them in the right side... i think the plants would be fine 3 feet from the bulb... altho watch the internodal spaceing be insane when i do it... fucking hot ass shit y it gota be like dat

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