Help hiding speaker grow that has been found!

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  1. Ok so i live with 2 roommates. I went away on vacation and i left my ac unit on to cool my grow box while i was away and my gf was going to come every other day to check up. The first day im gone, my roommate calls and say your ac unit is running i had to unplug it.. then i get another text saying call me asap. i call and he says i know your growing somethin in there idk what it is but i dont like it it going to be unplugged your going to have to bite the bullet and it will be kept between us. Now i cant technically put a lock on my door since no mods to the house are to be made and i even did put a lock on m door which was attempt to be broken into to turn my air off. Now its cooler i dont need my air running but i put alot of time and effort into this box and the meds are for my pain in my shoulder (torn a bursa and dislocated shoulder multiple times) I have yet to come home to see what the damage is, i dont believe he saw the box itself but the ducting from the ac to a shelf area. I grow in a old gutted out speaker which is then but behind a tv stand that has 2 walls to somewhat hide the speaker. so i really have no idea what to do im thinkin adding another wall to the tv shelf so it almost all hidden but just so the exhaust can be vented out of the back and maybe add a fish tank on top for noise but idk how good that will help. my other option is to rent somewhere else i can BARELY afford . i would have no extra money what so ever for a while and rent would be super close and also where i live now its much closer to my work.

    Any ideas on how to hide it better when i do get back from vacation or should i just move out in 3-4 weeks and be broke as shit but actually have my normal meds ? cause the plant is most likely dead being that there has been 5 days or so lights off...:( moving out would probly be the best for my grow but not great on my wallet and stress levels. rents 400 plus elec and what not and i make maybe 650 a month at my part time job

    any help , info , advice anything at all would may help

    Thanks for the time and reading

  2. LED are a bit out of my budget im just a part time college student... to pay 180 bucks for a led is alot.. its a option but im mostly looking for a way to hide what i already have spent some much money and time on my what i have currently set up. The CFLs are wiried thru wood and then sealed with high temp glue stufff ( cant think of the name) so id have to rip the whole thing apart. idk if that would help that much cause my rooms in the front and abosrbs ALOT of heat the room temp is the same outside maybe 4 degrees higher even.. we have no central air or even ac. im the only one with a window ac..
  3. any ideas welcome.. i kinda wanna keep current box just maybe add something maybe a cheap fix. otherwise i should just move into a place that its okay but ill be spending alot more on rent
  4. try to convince your roommates to be okay with it, try to convince them that they wont get into any trouble and if they smoke, maybe a little free weed.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA ^ not happening
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    Tell them to mind their own business and stay out of your room. Put a locking door knob on your door, it is not a modification because you can easily change change it back with out any damage. I've lived in multiple houses with roommates.
  7. I'm sorry, but it seems the best option for you is to move it to a different area.

    Your roomate already knows that you are growing something,
    And from the sounds of it, he has a general idea that it is MJ.
    This time he is willing to bite the bullet, but it'll be terrible if he is
    able to hold information out of you, if he is a huge douche he could
    make you act like a Eagle in a cage.

    The other alternative I see is quite simple;

    Step 1: Buy a Tomato Plant

    Step 2: Explain to roomate that you want to try to grow this,
    Beside's it being a cool thing to try, it also saves money. And he'll
    probably appreciate a couple of tomatoes.

    Step 3: Explain to roomate the delicateness of Tomatoes, and not
    to mess around with them, unless you give consent.

    Step 4: Kiss ass

    Does that sound like anything possible?
  8. ya sounds very possible along with adding a fish tank for noise issues
  9. hell yeah dude tell his ass wtf where u doin in my room anyways wtf..beat that but serious no bussines being all up in ur shit..hope it goes well dude
  10. What a jerk. Doesnt he believe in privacy? What you do in your room is your own business.

    If he is all stuck up as you describe, get rid of it. Whats more important, a place to live or weed to smoke?
  11. I think most of the ideas here aren't that great. Personally I think you're gonna have to do everything you can to convince him that he caught you red handed and you're really sorry about it and wont do it again. Then spend some time drawing up designs and gathering resources for an ultra stealth grow that's completely hidden. If you can design a setup that's nearly guaranteed to not be found, then just install it and keep chillin.

    Stuff like getting tomato plants or whatever won't work. The only thing you can do that won't look suspicious is to comply with every demand. Maybe don't just roll over though, fight it a little, but then roll over and come up with a better idea.

  12. That sounds like a great idea to me. Subterfuge ftw! Additionally, ducting leading to anything that is a clear give away. Without pics its hard to say, but you could probably replace the ducting with a couple fans where the ducting was going into your box.
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    not being funny or anything mate but if someone was being awkward like that with me they would get what for. Theres nothing worse than a snitch what you do is your buisness not his he would get a slap for just going in my room.
    im from the uk so idk bout living with roomates but if it was upto me i would give him a roasting,
    get rid of the box
    bang him on nose
    get rid of him
    bring back the box
    Live happily ever after with a lock on ya door, get a deadlock and when u move a bit of woodfiller and paint
    jobs a good en :)

    id sooner do without mj for a while than having to be someones bitch and kissing ass all day get him telled
  14. You shouldnt have grown without the roommates permission in the first place
  15. make a better stealth box
    like when my cousin used a large but not too large box from storage with other stuff and grew in there. think of him as your parents

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