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  1. Ok... here's the story ... I am not a gardener. I smoke every day after work on my front porch when I come across a seed i throw it off the side of the porch. A plant sprung up without any help from me in my flower bed around July and now it it about a foot tall. ( and starting to be noticed by my neighbors ) so i decided to bring it in the house ... I know that it is a big transition from outside to inside for any plant but this plant seems especially sensitive to envoirnment changes. I live in Michigan so I know it would have died anyway if i had left it outside. Right now it is sitting in my bedroom with outher plants i know not to water it to often but other than that nothing please someone tell me what to do I want to keep it. Thanks in Advance

  2. If you put it in a flower pot( at least 8"diameter) you might want to add some potting soil--unless you took enough dirt from your garden spot-- the dirt from outside usually has some kind of bugs in it so be sure to inspect --invest in some sort of fertilizer I like liquid ferts best-just follow the directions on the bottle.
    what kind of light are u using? Unless you have a window(that no one can see into) you probably will need some additional lighting. floros are cheap and will do a good enough job. If you are planning on becoming a gardener and have the money you should invest in a small HID-- Hps are better for flowering and you can use them for veg also--Mhs are for veg and ok for flowering--Flowering is the key cause you want big buds
    There are loads of threads that can help you here--read, read, and read some more. also has some great info too
    I hope I've been helpful. Happy growing:)

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