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"Help! help! I'm being repressed

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Tyran0sauruS_STFU, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. These gummies are kicking my ass. I'm 0 for 3. I'm using the Ruffhouse how-to vid on YouTube...

    Try #1... I'm positive I burned the bud trying to decarb in a toaster oven.

    Try #2 I said screw the smell and decarbed in my oven based on the Ruffhouse vid time/temp. He boils the gelatin in the video and I was always told not to boil gelatin so I kept the heat lower and didn't cook as long. So the mixture seperated on me. Some normal gummies and some with oil on them.

    Try #3 I bought a Ardent to take my mistakes out of the decard equation. I made my oil in the ardent as well. Again followed the Ruffhouse directions and no movement. I made a 1/4 cup of infused coconut oil out of 1/2 oz each time.

    I'm a vet on a tight budget. I've saved for 2 months to get a Magic butter machine (wish they would have pushed that It's a 2 cup minimum machine) and a Ardent so I can make my monthly weed budget stretch.

    I budget for 1 oz a month and all these failures aren't just expensive, it's disheartening. Any help is appreciated...
  2. Why do you want gummies? Drop your oil into a capsule and swallow it. Problem solved.
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  3. See the violence inherent in the system?
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  4. Cactus Ed is right. Make canna capsules. Welcome to GC and good luck from a fellow Vet.
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  5. Why can't you grow? Budgeting your weed will be a thing of the past and it's a fascinating hobby. You must have kids around.
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  6. Tools used
    1 old toaster oven = Free found on curb needed small fix
    1 oven thermometer = $4.00
    1 small stainless steel cat food dish = $2.97
    Mr. Coffee Mug warmer = 9.97
    Eyedropper = $1.95

    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes (Uncovered)
    I've used a toaster oven for all my work for many years and never had a fail.

    5 grams of Cannabis. Kief, Hash, Concentrate, Powdered buds
    2.5 teaspoons Coconut oil. ( any cooking oil works )
    1/2 teaspoon Lecithin (improves bioavailability) Doubles effective strength.
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Freeze (Improves mouth feel in baked goods and candy)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes (Can skip if you didn't freeze).


    This recipe will give you the most bang per gram for the least amount of work.
    Like most things in life it is a GIGO. Garbage in garbage out. The higher grade Cannabis you use the smaller your dosing needs to be.

    The finished Tablespoon of oil will fill 30 (0) capsules @ 25 drops per capsule.
    Strength can be roughly guessed at.
    15% for most street-home grown buds.
    40% for kief-hash
    Up to 90% for concentrates

    5 grams of buds @ 15% 150mg of THC per gram = 750mg for the batch.
    Thousands made for this old veterans medical issues. This is as good as it gets for low tech dead simple canna oil.

    Since we don't know your dose needs I suggest you start very low dose. Wait 2 hours. If not stoned take more. Wait 2 hours. While very slow this is the safe way to find your edible needs.
    Going over is NOT fun. Trust us on this. It can be hours of misery before it wears down to a tolerable level.

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    I also have MagicalButterMachine and ArdentLift.
    They can make excellent medicine.
    But as you pointed out, MBM requires a 2 cup liquid minimum, which is too much for small batches.
    Fortunately, everything that MBM does can be approximated without MBM.

    As others have pointed out, you introduce extra potential for error by making gummies instead of something else.

    Unless you over-cooked those gummies, the medicine should still be there, and probably recoverable.
    The potency of 1/2 oz flower in 1/4 cup oil is calculated like this, assuming good 15% thc flower:
    Potency = 0.15*(14,000 mg)/(59 mL) = 36 mg/mL
    A new user might only need 1/4 of this to make a 10 mg dose, which would be about 8 drops.
    Experienced users might need several mL.

    It's possible that you aren't using enough gummies.

    It's possible the herb is weak.

    Salvaging what you've already done might be possible if we know exactly what temperatures the herb has been subjected to, in what media, and for how long.
    Also did you use lecithin, and if so, how much?
    And did you strain out the herb?
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  8. Pretty straightforward. don't lose your time. just do it
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  9. Sorry, phone issues. I actually was being oppressed.

    @Cactus Ed : I'll try capsules. Certainly seems easier. I can't grow unfortunately. I'm in Texas and in apartments..

    @Joker1121 : Semper Fi

    @BrassNwood : thanks for the recipe. Pretty simple.

    @bkarnaze : to be honest I don't know what my dose is. I've never had a proper, measured dispensary edible. Just get gummies or brownies here or there. I did use lecithin, strained the weed... The gummies ended up all over the place. I ate some and had decent returns, others nothing. I don't know if they were just weak or I used a Jedi mind trick on myself and thought they worked.

    Thanks for the replies all.
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  10. #10 GorillaGherkin, Jul 5, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
    I use consume cannabis a lot of dif ways now I just take caps. They are amazing
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  11. So.... I'm only here for the title.
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  12. At least you came to see the violence inherit in the system...
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  13. Decarb 240@40mins. (It was said you can’t really over decarb in the past- at the 240 temp )

    3.5 grams weed to 100grams melted chocolate
    Mix and put into mold - should weigh about 4 grams a piece (makes 25 chocolates ) super easy and very little time

    I use Hersey’s special dark chocolate for the best taste and fat content
  14. Chocolate makes excellent edibles.
    A couple of experiments you might want to try:
    1. Add some lecithin to the mixture, somewhere around 3.5 grams
    2. Infuse the chocolate mix @ 220 F for 40-80 minutes
    For most people these two things will improve the quality of medication.
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  15. Wild Bill, will you elaborate on # 2, please, infusing the chocolate mixture at 220 for 40- 80 minutes.
  16. I experiment a lot using home made nutella, which I make by mixing together equal weights of chocolate chips and almond butter.
    Using it is very similar to what you do.
    I've tried with and without lecithin, various infusion times/temps, and am still experimenting.

    All I do is add lecithin to the mixture in a small pan, quickly pre-heat on a stovetop to 220 F, and then bake at that temp for 20, 40, 60, 80 min, etc in a toaster oven.
    In-oil decarb is much slower than in-air decarb, so even 1.5 hours at 220 F won't decarb much.
    The evidence seems to indicate that the thc in edibles is only about 10% absorbed.
    Getting absorption up to 20% over a longer period of time would make them seem twice as strong.
    The lecithin and heating are attempts to do this, and they succeed to some extent.

    My experience is that even without any lecithin or infusion heating, this stuff produces a good high, but not as pleasing or long lasting as adding lecithin and heat.
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  17. Have you read in-oil decarb is much slower than in-air decarb? I've been curious about that and have tried to find a authoritative source without success. I tend to think it's an urban myth so I'd love to discover the truth. My personal experience says in-oil decarbing works fine.
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  18. My first ever batch of oil was made using in-oil decarb 250 F for 30 min.
    That's because I misunderstood the instructions I followed.
    250 F for 30 min is a perfect in-air decarb, equivalent to 240 F for 40 min, but doesn't work for oil, and it was very weak.

    I too have been looking for an authoritative source for in-oil decarb, but found only a few sources that even mentioned it. My understanding is that oil slows down the decarb process enough that too much thc is destroyed in the long time required to do in-oil decarb.

    After failing to find a good source for in-oil decarb, it seemed that finding the consensus for single-step firecrackers would provide an experimentally verified way to decarb in oil. Peanut butter to make firecrackers can be thought of as peanut oil plus peanut flour, so single step firecrackers amount to an in-oil decarb.
    That consensus seems to be 325 F for 20-30 min, after looking at about a dozen online recipes.
    In-air decarb at 325 F is about 5 min, instead of 20-30 min, assuming firecracker makers are decarbing correctly.
    I've made those firecrackers, and they work, but not as well as an equal amount of herb decarbed in air, and then infused.

    Trial and error is the best strategy, and I believe I have used that to prove to myself that in-oil decarb is to be avoided.
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  19. Thanks Bill. Until I see something (other than weed sites and blogs) that says in oil decarb doesn't work as well as in-air I'll continue to recommend and do it. Although it was in the dark ages, I've taken physics and chemistry and I don't see why in-oil wouldn't work the same. It works for me but of course I have no way of knowing if it would work better decarbing in air. If you come across some reliable information please keep me in mind, it's information that sounds like it should be out there. It wouldn't be hard do an experiment if you had a fancy cannabometer. THCometer?
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  20. How about if I show you some of my personal lab tests on this subject so that you don't have to keep defending your view. I have a few instances at varying oven temperatures. It does take longer than air decarb but I have a friend who now only does his oil that way. I've found that it takes about 2 hours at 240°F to do a full decarb. It takes about a half hour for the oil to reach that temp so a total of 2.5 to be sure. I have used different oils as well as times.

    I think my results are reliable but what do I know? :confused_2:

    Post Extraction Heated Decarb (Example 1) Post 8517
    Post Extraction Heated Decarb (Example 2) Post 8551
    Post Extraction Heated Decarb (Example 3) Post 8582

    Post Extraction Heated Decarb (Example 4) Post 8788
    Post-Extraction Heated Decarb (Example 5) Post 8806
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