**HELP**HELP**HELP** White'ish blemishes/ Spots & Yellowing? Possible def? New grower....

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  1. Hi guys, I'm a new grower and just gotten myself 4 cuttings from a friend, they was around 3 weeks old when I picked them up on the 3rd of this month, I transplanted them later that night just before lights out....

    All had gone fine up until the last couple days...

    Yesterday I noticed a slight white line down the centre of one of the leaves on my Wedding Cake Strain, So later that night I treated all 4 of my plants for powdery mildew with "PMT" 10ml/1ltr.

    I woke up this morning to later realise on the opposite side of the same plant I have something similar but was more of a spot and yellow'ish to colour, you cant wipe it away as if it was a mildew, you can ever so slightly see it from the underside of the leaf if you was to lift it up to the light.....

    Since getting these clones they was potted in coco the same night I got them, I did just a water foliar spray over night to take it thru to the morning, The morning after the lights came on everything was running sweet, Ballast was set to 250w for a couple days and gradually increased it up to 600w which is what it is at now (600W HPS).

    First real feed was 5ml/1ltr of Root stimulator by Hydrotops then added 2ml/1ltr or Nutrient solution A & a further 2ml/1ltr of nutrient solution B, As it is a 2 part mix as most of you will know, I tested the pH and each time of feed it's been between 6.3 and 7.0?.....
    Anyway I gave them 250ml each (4plants).

    Second feed come up so I repeated above.
    Third feed since getting them came up today as I left it an extra day to dry out a little more, Done all the same mix as said above but this time I split 1ltr of water between 2 plants, so an extra 250ml. Of water per plant with the same nutrient mix...

    Standard mix should 10ml of Hydrotops root stimulator, 4ml of Solution A & 4ml of Solution B....

    My set up is set at 26c - 28c thru the day with humidity sitting around 48% - 50%....

    Night time
    18.5c - 21.5c Humidity around 40% to 45%

    All sat in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m tent, 6inch Thermostatic rhino extractor, cold air feed from my window, Timing is 18/6 ATM week 1 into veg.

    I've added photos below to view with lights on and off....

    Really hope someone can help, as I say it is my first ever time of doing it properly and I don't want to ruin it, The issues are also with my Strawberry Banana Strain as well just minus the whiting of the leaves, I can post photos of tbat strain later if anyone could take a look at those for me? ‍♂

    Thanks in advance brothers n sisters, hopefully there's a Dr. GREEN Thumb Out there that can help save my babies :(

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  2. Look like droplets of nutes or water that pooled/puddled on your leaves during lights on.

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  3. I only ever spray when lights go off, by the morning (6hours) all the water on the leaves would have either been absorbed or evaporated
  4. Spraying just after lights go off is super bad mojo. You are inviting a bout with stuff there is no/or limited cure for.
  5. Soo...when would you suggest I foliar spray?

  6. Plus we think it's nute lock out now as my pH was crazy high and i didn't know, been told to flush with pH at 5.8
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    I am an outdoor grower so you can only work with a relaxed version of what I do. As your lights are either on or off. I spray in the early evening just before the sun goes down so the plants still have time to dry for the most part or first thing in the morning so they have a chance to somewhat dry before the sun starts to shine directly on them which allows time to dry a bit before meeting direct sunlight. I really am 0 help on the pH lockout as I quit checking pH pretty much when I started growing in organic. High pH will cause lockout so it's possible. However, I seriously don't see symptoms that look like lockout. I experienced lockout last year and it looks rough AF. It could be the pic is not in natural lighting using the flash to take the pic is why I can't see damage that I would consider a deficiency which could be associated with lockout.

    Using a fan and keeping your air moving through your plants will help to mediate pooled or standing water droplets on your leaves and definitely should be left running during lights out as thats when temps drop and humidity climbs. This is when spores pose the most threat as the environment is now ideal for them to grow.

    Best of wishes.
  8. Thanks alot for your advice.

    Ive given them a flush anyway as the issue has escalated further when I looked this morning, so by the weekend I may do another flush then, and continue the feed in a quarter dose next week as what ever this is, it's consuming leaves very quickly...

    My pH has 110% been way to high man no doubt about it as I don't have a pH pen yet I'm only using a dripper and card kit to see where I'm at, ive just taken a known growers advice on Instagram and sorted my pH to between 5.5 and 6.0? Better than 8.0 that it was on lol...

    I am a new grower myself so any if not all advice from the experienced will be accepted as I am one for knowledge on things i get into, this isn't commercial it's literally for me...just 4 plants 2 strains I want nothing major, so I want to get it the best I possibly can, it is still only very early stages they made it thru the 7 days which was yesterday but over the past 3 days everything has gone tits up :passing-joint:

  9. Without seeing your plants and having to pH my 8.5 water last year when I was using bottled nutes, I too seen rapid issues. I can tell you the quicker you correct it the faster they will recover. One of my plants that was HEAVILY damaged took almost a full month to resume normal growth while the other less damaged ones seen very fast recovery. This was before I was testing the water and just like you created a necessity to test.

    Flushing will help to clear the salts out. Careful though sick plants do not consume alot of water so you need to be cautious of inadvertently overwatering as flushing is a full soil drench past runoff. Overwatering will intensify your issues. I picked my both of my digital pH pens up off scamazon for less than 20.00 each. Remember to pH your water after you've mixed your nutes.

    Also sick plants for me have tended to recover much faster with just water until new growth appears healthy again. I treaded lightly when I began feeding again at 1/4 strength and stepped up from there. It's my opinion that when plants get severely sick they lose the ability to effectively use salt based nutes. In theory this would lead to an over abundance of plant available nutrients which cause more damage if true. This is another reason I've grown to love organics because the plant picks what it actually wants vs stuffing a funnel in its mouth and saying here eat all of this. Basically it's like I'm sick I don't feel like eating, tough beans eat it anyway because I say so.

    Hopefully what I've said makes sense. There are LOADS of experts around here that are FAR more knowledgeable than I am. By all means research what you read. Get a general consensus and use reasoning to figure out what path you head down.
  10. I too was 4 plants last season. 1 of them struggled literally most of the season but ended up turning out nice. 20181017_115719.jpg
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  11. 21081.jpeg This is her almost dead
  12. Yeah I get exactly what your saying mate, as I say I do think the issue has started from my pH and with me being a newbie....didnt realise I've been doing more damage than good!!! But hopefully they pick up because this will be a big balloon to burst for me :( wouldn't exactly be a good start for me anyway lol
  13. Waw man what a recovery!!! What did you do to fix her up?
  14. Literally looks how mine is heading :notworthy:
  15. Nurse her and she will pull out. She's not flowering is she????
  16. Well this is the thing, when I got the clones they did look like they had like 2 orange hairs coming out of each side of the stem about half way down the stem, 2 hairs popped out of what I can describe as a hollow teardrop? I'll try find a photo, but anyway I told the guy and he said just keep them on 18/6 and they should be fine
  17. Isn't my photo but virtually identical to that maybe a tad lighter in colour

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