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  1. I think I made a huge mistake.........
    I need to know if I totally messed up. I topped a few of my plants, but I totally did it wrong. I have pistures to show my mistake, can someone tell me what will come of these plants now.
    I know now where to top them and how to do it, but before knowing I just cut away. I cut way to low on the stem and now there isn't a main colla, and just a stump where I cut. I am not sure how to fix it. I was thinking I should law them down and let them grow up that way, but Im afraid I just really hurt there chances of producing anything now..
    Is it worth budding them now that I cut off there main colla? what should I do any advise from anyone would be much appreciated
    Ok I have pictures to attach but they wont allow me it is saying my files are to big,
  2. As long as you have the side shoots coming out, it'll be OK. Just give them an extra week to recover and then the side shots will start springing up. Did you save your pics as JPEGs? That should shrink them down enough to post.

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