help help help new growth leaves curling!!!!!!...

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    My second set of leafs are curling inwards don't seem to know the problem need help. I think because I overwatered .I hope that's the problem

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  2. how close/what type of light are you using? this is (usually) a typical sign of heat stress.
    if it were overwatering, the other set of leaves would be droopy along with the top ones
  3. Well the type of lighting that I'm using are two 23 Watt cfls and I had the lights within an in1.5 from my plant.
  4. Over water can do that and heat stress. What type of soil is that?
  5. Idk wat kind of soil it is but it retains a lot of water.
  6. That is not a great thing to retain a lot of water.
  7. Well what do u think I can do to fix this problem?.....
  8. Get better soil. I suppose you can try to add perlite to your current pot but, soil is not great to begin with.
  9. Well I think it was heat stress that cause it, the leafs are back to normal now...
  10. OK Cool yeah above 83 degrees or so strain dependent and problems can arise.
  11. Thanx for the help.....

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