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Help heat issues

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Xx_SyNDrOMe_xX, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. i got summer comin up n the heat is too much to grow in.

    The problem is the grow room is in the garage, an although the grow room has excellent air exhaust, the actual garage temperature is too high, so the intake of air into the grow room is too hot... it would be too much of a mission to cool the whole garage....sooo

    I was thinkin air con with thermostat..

    If i did this would i still need exhaust fans or

    Can i fully seal room, have the exhaust from aircon only going out of room an just a fan osculating inside?

    maybe a tiny hole for exhaust or none?

    Will the aircon chew too much power?

    Size of room about 2.5 metres squared

    Please help :confused:

    +rep for good info:hello:

    Also any1 with same prob, please let me know how u fixed it

    Its a brick garage, so i cant intake from outside unless i take out like 6 bricks which is bad karma
  2. best thing would be intake from the outside but there's the brick wall, can't you make the intake from a window or the door?

    the air con will cost too much money. You can figure out the cost by yourself by multiplying cost per watt x air cond wattage x total hours, given the electricity price here in EU you can afford it only for big grow rooms.

    If the temperature within the grow room is much more higher than outside than you could also build yourself a small heat pump and transfer the heat outside the grow room to the garage (but then it will be recirculating heat and wouldn't help much) or outside the wall more easily than with a air duct as the heat pump will work with small copper tube.

    I built a similar rig to lower down temperature of my hydro water maybe it work also for air temp, don't know.
    Anyway just take a copper tube, fit it with aluminium sheets (dismantle a CPU cooler to obtain best aluminium for this job) and make water recirculate in it in a closed system, one side in the grow room and the side with aluminium fittings outside. the hot water will be moving towards the outside copper fitted with aluminium foil just like the CPU cooler and go back colder. an small fan pointed on the aluminium will increase heat convection.

    The catch is that the tube can't be really long (works best if insulated, here in EU methan gas tube are copper insulated, I used those) and you need a big temperature difference between outside and inside to make this work: if it's only few degrees or you need more than 1-2 mt of copper tube don't bother.
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    If you insulate your box thoroughly then the cost of an AC shouldn't be too bad.
    Another way to lower the temp a few degrees is to hang a line several feet up. Put a tub of water under it. Get something like a blanket that is absorbent, wet it, and then hang it over the line letting the rest go into the tub. Then blow a fan on the wet blanket. The blanket wicks up the water and the fan cools the room with evaporation.
    You have to add water every day or so.

    Besides that, digging a hole through the floor down to cool earth is all I can think of. ;)

    Good Luck!
  4. would that blanket idea cause too much humidity for flowering cycle...

    Im still not sure, im thinkin aircon n insulation
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    I would look around for a chamber to put in the garage, like a meat locker or florist storage room.

    You might find one real cheap.

    Then you only have to use AC on a smaller area and it's already insulated to all get out.

    For example:

    Either that or bite the bullet and insulate the crap out of the structure and get the most efficient AC unit you can afford.
  6. hey mate, you should let me know what heppens with your grow room because im thinking of building a grow room the same size in my shed but i have the same problem, the darn heat. i was thinking just heavy insulation and a air con would work but i think you'll still have to have the exhaust fan to get rid of heat so the air con will be on 24/7 and will end up cost more than what its worth.

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