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    Anyone who's been following my micro cfl grow, will have found out that;

    Today I went out and bought a 150w HPS

    I've incorporated it into my grow cabinet and its been running for a few hours. The temperature in the grow cabinet is 102f and the relative humidity is at 20%.

    I'm at week one in flowering. What the hell can I do to lower these temperatures drastically to around the optimal temperature of 80 degrees fahrenheit? ( 80f )

    I have two 6 inch desk fans in the cabinet, one for intake, one for out take. They help a lot, but I need it to be cooler than it is.


    Intake fan blowing in from bottom:

    Exhaust fan blowing out of bottom:
  2. You need to cool the space/room around the cabinet. A.C. available? Exhaust air needs to be sent far enough away from the intakes, so that the intakes are pulling in cool air only. Use dryer hose to release hot air far away, you may need to add fans as well.
  3. Yeah just get some dryer ducting and exhaust the hot air to a distance so that by the time it reaches the intake/surrounding area of cab it has been cooled.
  4. exhaust to a different room , or better yet outside.

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