Help! Heat issue on auto

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kushypie, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. So the last few days it's been really hot and for a couple of days I hadn't realised it had been like 36/38 f she's only got a week left with mostly cloudy with some clear trichomes is it best to chop now just incase the temp goes back up? I don't mind if the bud isn't as potent but if I wait the bud might be shut from the heat anyway

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  2. Looks so dry. You watering it?

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  3. Looks thirsty but I don't see any reason to chop it.
  4. I watered 3 days ago but the weather hasn't been as hot as it has the last few days so I'm going to give her a water and see next time I'll pay attention to the weather and check to see if I should water more often but

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  5. I just think maybe some of the leaves are suffering from heat stress and I'm worried it'll fuck up the little bud I have

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    You should water when it's time to water... don't base it off weather, base it off when the plant needs water.
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  8. There's a lot more going on there then just heat stress. Looks like you need more phosphorus,magnesium,potassium. Possibly ph is to alkaline heavy and locking out key nutes.
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  9. This is the first time through the grow where she's shown any sort of problems and only started when the heat started to get really high? And over the last 2 weeks the buds have still been fattening up so surely that wouldn't be lockout?

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  10. Possibly nutrient burn then. What have you been feeding her with?

    I should have said if the ph to alkaline it would not completely lock out nutes unless the ph is like 8.0 and you consistently water it with that. Roots are able to absorb everything better with 6.5ph slightly acidic.

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  11. Water ph has been 7/7.1 when I've been watering and just using bio-bizz bloom and topmax during flower and only 2ml of each per Litre and I only feed nutes every other water

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