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help health related whats wrong with me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Oleg92, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Not sure where to ask this. but 2 and a half weeks ago exactly at this date i had weird bumps in the back of my throat it was also inflammed. The day before i was having a terrible dry cough, i kept coughin and coughin and coughin and nothing was coming out. went to the clinic friday after seeing the bumps convinced i had strep throat. Sure enought i did a swap and yes i did have it. Got antibiotics and bought over the counter all natural cold and flu remedy. 2-3 days later i was sick as a dog with no fever and sore throat i barely vaped and stopped smoking weed for 3 days. okay so i started to feel better but also i was very very very stressed about my throat as the bumps and white patches did not go away. I kept taking bunch of pictures everyday and stressed myself so much. Fast foward to last sunday, My swollen glands went away and started to feel better. (Also tried a bunch of home remedys such as garlin and honey and lemon tea , gargling salt water and baking sods, gargling with periowash mouthwas and kept taking the antibiotics) THE BUMPS SEEM TO NOT GET WORSE OR BETTER. So i went to a different clinic where the lady told me that ive been just stressing out and she said it healing and to not think or keep taking pictures. So today 2 weeks after my bumps appered it looks like its about 10% better but still red and bumpy with fewer whilte patches, I resolved to my normal routine of Newchapter's Multivatimins and keep doing everything i have been since it begon. My question really is someone else been dealing with bumps like those? I do not feels sick anymore and neither is my mucus Green\\yellow like it used to be. I only drink 1 cup of coffee now (as oppose to 2) i Smoked 1 bowl of dank as oppose to 2-3 grams of mid and Vape alot more lightly 3ml a day as oppose to 6.
    Could it be due to stress and im just getting better? or could it be GERD?
    Last few days and espically when smoking weed i feel like im getting chocked and as something is always in my thorat and can not swallow it or cought it out.
    please help this is so annoying! What's wrong with me
  2. this is a cannabis forum. we are not doctors. go see a doctor
  3. Have you finished all your antibiotics? When I had strep I had to take them for like 10 days, even though I felt fine after about 2-3 days. If you stop or miss just one, it could come back with a vengeance. Strep is no joke haha. I don't think I smoked at all while I had it because it was just too painful. I would definitely back off on that until you REALLY feel better. You probably are stressing yourself out and making it worse. I don't mean that in a bad way, because I think we all do it. Just try to relax. I know when I had it I was looking in the mirror most of the day trying to see my throat lol. Drink lots of hot tea and make sure you don't miss any medicine. You should be fine! :)

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  4. Exactly. If youre an adult, you should have no problem telling your doc you smoke. They legally arent allowed to turn you in, nor do they want to. And you said you go to different clinics, so you never have to worry about making things "awkward".
    Be adult about it, "Hey Doc, I have these bumps thatve been here almost a month and dont show signs of recovery. I smoke _____ a day, and vape _____. Could that be the cause?" Just be honest. Doctors are there to help
  5. After only reading the first two sentences im quite certain you have aids.
  6. I finished my antibiotics fully Sunday last week. So yesterday last week and not signs of improvement. I'm going to the doctor again in 3 days just wondering if anybody went thru this too? I'm not gonna smoke buy when I took a t break last time there was no improvements either. Could it be yeast?
  7. 1st off are you smoking grass/dabs from a new source? As much as I would like to think you can't hurt yourself smoking grass I am sure there are things that can be added that could cause an allergic reaction.  Outside of that I doubt it is weed related. Best bet see a different Doctor.
  8. Like I said I used to smoke atleast 2g . Of mid dally for the last year but just after the recent illness (directly related or not)
  9. The best help you'll get is if you tell a doctor exactly what you told us. Everything we say is 100% pure speculation. The only one who can help you is a certified medical professional who can examine you firsthand and look at your prior medical record
  10. I was diagnosed in the ent. With l.r.p is that possible? I did not tell her that I smoke weed
  11. sigh, people trust the internet over anything else for their health problems nowadays. -_-
  12. Any other experiences like MIne out therr? What type of food should I eat? Should I stop smoking and vaping?
  13. don't worry, just make these last few weeks count
  14. Okay should I stop vaping and smoking tho . Vaping as in ecig? Or does it not matter? I tried to smoke yesterday I took 4 hits and instantly felt like I'm getting choked that was before the 1st dose of tratidine
  15. I'm not reading that wall of text and neither is nobody else, so either separate it into paragraphs or add a tl;dr. Preferably both.
  16. Listen man, we told you all we can. Ask a doctor. A doctor won't turn you in. A doctor will answer your questions. Ask a doctor. They're there to answer medical questions. Asking a bunch of piece of shit stoners for medical advice isn't gonna get you anywhere

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