*HELP!* HBG 34mil Showercap Downstem with Inline and Four Circ Percs

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  1. I just traded a few of my pieces to my local headshop for this water pipe and I have no idea what the retail or wholesale price is on it. I would like to resell it so someone please put me in the ballpark on a price.

    It's a HBG horizontal inline with a 34 millimeter ground joint that holds it's 34 to 14 showercap downstem. It then goes to a four circ tree. Each circ has six slits. And lastly it has another shower cap at the top with drain wholes and a set of ice pinches. Depending on the level of water you use in the cric tree you can use the upper showercap as just a splash guard or have it function as a perc while you clear the piece.

    The piece functions dreamily but being a glass blower myself I would like to resell this piece to buy more glass and fuel to make my own art as I already mentioned. Help a guy out. Please and thank you. :]

  2. Probably around 250ish maybe 300

    You may get more its all about who buys it but I'd say a safe bet is around there. Just so you know that top shower head isn't a perc its just a splash guard.

    Nice piece though I like it. How does the inline work with the shower head downstem? I've always thought that was a stupid design because they are competing for water and usually the downstem doesn't fire correctly.
  3. Not really sure how much yours would go for, but I remember buying a HBG Inline maybe 2 years or so back and paid 180. It looked like that one, but the label was rasta colors and it just had the inline perc at the bottom and a normal 18mm size for bowls, no room for a downstem. So I'm guessing 250/300 is a good estimate.

    A good option would be just posting it up on craigslist for a week or so, just get some offers and maybe save a few bucks by meeting up locally instead of shipping.
  4. YEah you could sell it for aroun 200 im thinking because its used and there about 240 brand new in oregon. Its a sick piece and once you clean it will look nice to sell.

  5. The top works as a perc if you've got the water in it. Just saying but The showerhead works great if you lean it where the water gathers at that end. They do compete but in a good way. :]

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