Help Guys?

Discussion in 'General' started by mu1d3r, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I'm live in Texas and I'm moving for college and I have to cross a border patrol checkpoint. I won't have any weed on me, but I used to keep my stash in a fake book on a wooden bookshelf, I won't be taking the book but will the dog smell the bookshelf in the moving van? I also kept a stash in my closet inside of a backpack. I'm not taking the backpack, but will the the drug dog smell my cloths? I'm wiping down the book shelf with lysol but I'm just being over paranoid? The last thing I need is for my moving truck to be pulled over and searched with my parents. and if they do searched, what happens? do WE have to load and unload everything, will they know exaclty what the dog smelled, or just something illegal, and will they treat us like criminals even though we don't have anything and my parents have no clue?
  2. i think youre thiinking too much. if they dont find anything ohysically, youll be fine

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