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Help guys my friend can't get high!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by woahh, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, we just smoked and I'm fucking blazed so sorry if some of this seems a little off or whatever.

    Anyway, this is my friends 4th time smoking and he's saying that he's not high. I've watched to make sure he's doing it right- and he is. He's inhaling, taking air in on top of the hit, hold for a sec, then release. I don't understand why he's not getting high. I've heard of people who just can't get high, but is that really true?

  2. Unless he has some sort of disorder with the cannabinoid receptors.

    The most probable solution is he isn't inhaling. Especially if he doesn't cough.

    Try edibles?

    Firecrackers with .5 might be pretty strong for him but I'm not sure.

    Keep smokin'. :smoke:
  3. Yeah edibles might be better. And yeah, I've watched him take the hit multiple times and he's definitely inhaling.... and coughing.
  4. Tell him he has to inhale until it hurts. Big, deep breath. I didn't do it right until my 3rd or 4th time.
  5. Eh, it can be different for everybody. I, personally, didn't get high until my 9th or 10th time smoking.

    I mean, I got "high", but just a bit of giggles and shit. Nothing amazing.

    Until that fateful night, 1/8th of AK47 out of a 2-footer...DAMN. I thought it was laced or some shit, I was in a different world.

    And that's when I truly knew what it meant to be high.

    Anyways, it can happen. 4th time isn't that unlikely he won't get super high. But, just make sure he's properly inhaling and smoking enough.
  6. try buying better weed
  7. Inhale it alot more for like 5 seconds deep in your lungs. Take a huge hit and in some take oxygen after the hit. It's usually because your not inhaling. I got fucking blazed my first time =O
  8. He didn't mention the quality. What if he's getting top stuff? I was smoking Northern Lights, AK47, etc. before I actually "got high". So, quality doesn't necessarily play a part.

  9. Yeah, what we were smoking was straight fire, trust me. I'm fucking blazed as shit from 2 bowls.
  10. Teach him how to inhale, seriously...
  11. Either he's not inhaling or he's lying.
  12. I swear to you guys that he is inhaling. I'm watching him inhale and I can see his chest expanding. Also, he's getting air in on top of the hit, which would then force the smoke into his lungs.
  13. Like I said, one day it will happen for him, and every time he smokes after that (if it's enough), he won't have an issue getting stoned. It's all about that first *click* moment, where it finally sets in and you get incredibly ripped.

  14. [​IMG]


  15. Roll a blunt, they seem to get everyone very high.

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