help!!!!!!!! growth stunted???

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  1. this is not my first grow attempt but all my plants seem to have the same problem stunted growth my plants never grow past a few inches at the most i have them under a 250 watt MH light with a computer fan bringin in fresh air and a regular fan blowing strong breeze onto the plant and light i have the plant fairly close to the light ive read for a 400 watt hps light u are suppose to have it 18 inches away from the plant so i figgure i shuld have a 250 watt light around 10 or 12 inches away which is what i have it at and the heat does not seem to be a factor im growing in super soil it drains well but stays moist i just dont know what the problem is because eventhough this is jus bagseeds my friend is currently growing 5 foot plants from these same seeds which grew that big in 3 months my ph level is 6.5 i want to lowwer it a bit but how would i do that?? if anyone has any input on what they think is wrong please let me know

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  2. Heat can stunt a plant pretty badly , what are your temps reading? I've had trouble venting small CFL boxes with comp fans. They just dont push alot of air , you can try to pick up the BIG computer case fans from radioshack , 1 for intake 1 for exhaust . they dont really come standard on computers , they're very oversized. Each fan has a listed amount of cubic feet of air it pushes on the back , use that when picking new fans. Squirrle fans work GREAT for moveing air , kinda expensive but WELL worth it if you can hook up it to your enclosed hood
  3. thanks for the advice but i just checked the temp and it stays at a constant 79 to 82 but i dont think this tempature is a problem, i mean isnt the ideal temp around 78???? i know plants need co2 but i see people who grow without any co2 at all and there plants are a foot tall in 2 weeks. there is fresh air from outside being fed into the room where the cab is at and when the lights on i leave the door on the cab open i think this should supply enough co2 wouldnt it?? i just cant figure out why my plants are growing so slow this sucks!!!!
  4. Yea its deffinately not the temperature, and you really dont need to lower the pH. Does the soil have time released nutes? How much are you watering it?
  5. i water it almost everyday only when its in direct sunlight or under the light i keep a tray under the plant now filled with water about a half inch high so when it does need water it can soak it up from the bottom when it needs to if i miss a watering or sumthing i was wondering if having it to close to the light would cause it to stop growing cuz the height at where i had the plant was topping at 81 degrees but it was only about ten or so inches away from the plant since then i have lowered it to about 14 inches away. does anyone know if its ok to keep the plant as close as possible to light where the leaves and such do not get burnt, i was thinking i had it too close to the light so it might not stretch up towards the light but even then shouldnt i see the plant growing wider still? i mean its crawling at such a slow pace. i think the soil i have does have time release nutes. i think i was suppose to mix my soil with other plain soil or sumthing like that but i was unable to do so and i didnt find it neccessary. i am using sum nutes vf-11 and miracle grow both at a very weak mixture not even half of what it says to use but i was wondering if tryin to give it nutrients maybe made it lock up so it cant get the micro nutrients it needs or sumthing like my seeds just suck??? haha
  6. do not water like that...Water untill water start comin out the drain holes...wait a few days untill the soil is dry. Put your finger in the soil til your knuckle if its moist wait another day..I water mine everyother day and there in the 4th.(day30) of flowering, at about 4 ft.

  7. As stated only water through the top(the way you do it the plant's roots don't get fresh O2) and those plants are way to small for nutes, stop feeding them, there to young still.
  8. Yea, nutes are definitely bad at this stage in the plant's life. I'd say go get some potting soil that doesn't have any nutes in it what so ever and transplant it.
  9. I figured that was why they werent growing for you. Too much water, too early for nutes, get some new soil. If theres a hydro shop around you Ocean Forest or Happy Frog soils by Fox Farms are the best soils on the market. Like said before, water until runoff comes out the bottom and dont water again until its dry down to your 2nd knuckle, and get rid of that tray. Lastly, your plants need to be at least 2 weeks old before you give them nutes.
  10. thanks for the replys i took ur advice and did what i could i stopped the nutes and flushed it twice to try to rinse sum of the extra nutes out cuz i saw jus the slightest nute burn on the tip of the first set of leaves but ive just watered it with just water and it seems like its growing faster now ecspecially not watering it so much thanks for the help

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