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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by AusToker, May 14, 2006.

  1. im lookin to start an underground setup in the middle of a bush but hav no source of power or anything. what can i do ? i cant use to strong bulbs either because its a police magnet because of heat.(highest 400watt) i think i might buy a realy long extension cord and burry it underground to me plant :D. also would a generator work at all or what need help.
  2. I assume by "in the middle of a bush" you mean in the middle of some woods or natural vegetation. Cultural diff, here in the US that sounds like you wnat to grow MJ in the middle of one other kind of plant (a bush).


    There have been several posts over time about thoughts and attempts at underground grows. Basically this idea almost always presents way too many problems to make it feasible. Unless you already have an underground space that is lined with concrete and sealed or are in a cave, you are looking at big risks of rotting, mold/mildew, cave-ins, ventilation problems, difficulty working with plants (are you going to make the hole big enough for you to get down in there with the plants?), risk of shorting out electricity, stealth/discovery, on and on. Generator would not be practical, that would take too much fuel to keep the lights going. If the police near you use infrared fly-overs they would see it, not just over 400w.

    Either bring this op indoors somewhere or make it an outdoor grow.

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