[Help] Grow light for tall plants

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Vd22, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. I've got some corn seedlings, I'll be needing a light that has great penetrating reach while ran soft, I don't want active cooling, but will if I have to, 2 foot depth
    Please help you fuckin light nerds =P
  2. What is the grow size?
  3. QB96 Elite V2 Engine
  4. I guess 3x3. But depth is what I need mainly

    Thanks I shall check these
  5. You happen to know of any cheaper diy cobs?
  6. From what you’re describing, I think the 96 fits the bill really well, especially for deeper penetration. I don’t think you’re going to find anything much cheaper in a larger sized cob lights.
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  7. If this is for veg only you can probably go with a single 288 board
    QB288 V2 Quantum Board
    QB288 V1 Quantum Board

    The V2 is a newer model with better diodes but the V1 is still a very good board and its only $45.

    Again this will be OK for veg but if you run it soft dont expect explosive growth from one board.
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  8. Thank you all very much
  9. Side lights would be an easy fix. Optics would be there other thing.
  10. Optics on strips?
  11. Yeah. I'm trying a raymatix light out right now that has optics. Penetrates deep. There's some other brands that have it. There's some cobs that have it too but its much too focused in a cob because of the relatively small size of the cob. Some of the cheap asian import one's on Amazon have optics but they aren't good quality. New QBs don't have optics but you can get a reflector for them which would help.

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