HELP! Grow Box Size and Plant Quantity

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    I have been browsing around your forums for quite some time now and I have finally decided to try growing in a small cabinet that I have at home. It measures roughly 4' tall 2' wide and 1.6' deep. Im not sure if I can use the same box for veg and flowering since I'm only planning on growing 1 or maybe 2 plants if the space of my "box" is OK. So, how much can I fit in the size of my box and can I use the same box for veg and flowering? I'm going the CFL route, btw. And I will just be using some bag seeds that I have collected. Any help is appreciated :)
  2. Pictures would help immensely and welcome to GC!
  3. In a box that size I would definitely do 1 plant and seriously consider trying to scrog it to get the most out of it. 1 good plant is worth 1000 shitty plants.
  4. Okay I will definitely consider trying to scrog it. Here are a few pictures I just took. Sorry if the cabinet is still dirty. I just finished taking out the stuff inside :))


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  5. Will you be making a custom CFL rig? With a cabinet that small you want to have everything suspended from above as your plant will fill out the entire box.

    You can use the same box for veg and flower, but you have to change your bulbs to 2700k when you switch. I'd use at least 8 bulbs for one plant, spread evenly across an adjustable rig, with the same size screen underneath it for your scrog. I'd grab (2) 4 packs of 5600k and (1) 6-pack of 2700k, because you can use 2 of your veg bulbs during flower for more spectrum. Of course, it can be done however you want I'm just thinking out loud :smoke:

    What are your plans for ventilation? Odor control?
  6. I dont really need odor controll and for the vent im planning on putting a hole on the top with maybe 2 40-50cfm fans. Im also planning on really suspending the lights above the plant so with an adjustable height so i can move it as the plant grows :)

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