Help, Green But Droopy Leaves In Dwc (Pics)

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    OK,so the specs right quick are,
    • its a micro grow cabinet 24in tallx 16in widex 9in deep, coverd in mylar
    • 4 fans, 2x120mm pc fans for exhuast outside the box, 2x80mm inside the box , one for exhuast on top, and 1 for intake on bottom, the one on the inside for exhuast has a 120mm fan outside of it sharing the same whole (unsure if its hurting or helping)
    • temps at around 72-80 degrees with lights on, around 66-71 lights off , 18/6
    • DWC, 4in airstone , in A 6-quart sterilite container lid covered in mylar tape, and the bottom in ductape, it was a clear container,
    • GH Flora Nutes, i'm using 1/2 strength lucas formula, so it's 4mL(micro) + 8mL(bloom), in spring bottled water has a ph between at about 6-7 i lowerd it a little with ph down from gh added 2 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide
    • 2x42w 6500k & 2x23w 5000k CFL's for right now in veg
    So heres my problem,i have A 5week old plant the leaves seems to be growing nicely i'm seeing alot of new growth, but all the leaves are droopy i don't know what it could be i've been on google for like 2 days trying to figure it out, and i have found nothing thats similar to my condition or any fixes that could help, can any one on here?


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  2. can anyone please help, i'm starting to see what i think might be a sign of a female, but the leaves are still kinda of clawed up, an i want to change to lights to start flowering but im not sure if the claw is going to hermi on me, some one please please HELP ME
  3. can anyone help me with this their still drooping
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