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Help Green Bho / Wax ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mikehanson420, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Ive been gettting some seemingly standard bright yellow earwax from one of my buddies. Recently though, his new batch he picked up has an army green color to it. It smells and dabs fine. Although it does make a bit of a sizzle sound.  He doesnt know much about why the color could be the way it is. It seems fine, but we're not too sure. The green wax actually seems to rip cleaner, and get me just as medicated, if not more, than the yellow. In the first picture, i put a small piece of the regular yellow wax at the top of the jar , to give you an idea of the color difference



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  2. It means the chlorophyll has gotten into the wax at some point in the process. Making it less pure than the yellow wax. Probably is still some excellent shit, smoke up. but if this continues you might want to wonder if the dealer is cutting the wax with fresh kief or powdered plant material.
  3. It's under purged that's why your also getting the sizxle
  4. Are there any health risks if it is in fact "under purged" and i continue to dab it daily ? And if it truely were underpurged why would the green wax rip cleaner and smoother than the yellow wax? The yellows harsher , but doesnt sizzle
  5. It's green because the extraction method used a solvent that was polar, possibly alcohol or another similar solvent. But nothing wrong with that tho lol, just slightly less pure
  6. So weird lol, the dude told me its made with butane though.. Hmmmm , could the sizzle potentially be some water weight or something?
  7. Possibily the quality of material he used, I notice I get a greener bho if I use shittier material and its not frozen before hand solidly.
  8. If it's green it should not at all have been made with butane.... Butane is strictly nonpolar and would have not brought the chlorophyl with it. It sounds like it wasn't frozen properly either, but if it dabs well then it doesn't matter
  9. so you guys think its most likely not even B.H.O at all?  are you saying its iso hash?
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  10. I'm not saying it's iso hash, it was likely prepared the same way as hash oil, just with a polar solvent that brought the chlorophyl with it.
  11. interesting.. interesting, why would they do that instead of regular butane extraction
  12. well alcohol is a cheaper solvent, it's easier to obtain, and it's safer to use. also since you're also extracting a bit of the chlorophyl you yield slightly more. is the hash oil you have more of an indica feel or a sativa feel?
  13. id say sativa 
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    Basically what it means is that there is leftover butane in the product. I don't know if there are any health risks but the sizzle is the extra butane burning off. If you threw that in aerator to purge it would bring out that yellow much more.
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    Id purge that stuff for at least another 5hrs myself.

    All your buddies stuff is under purged, even the yellower stuff, It needs to be purged for at least 12hrs if he isnt using a vac pump. Tell him to stop rushing his shit.
  16. Same thing here. Just ran a sativa strain and my BHO is green like the runs. My plant material was out for three days but still moist when I loaded it in the chamber. If its not cuz the greens then it's probably cuz the strain. Also mine too sizzled a bit unlike my indica BHO

    just because one grows doesn't mean one smokes.

  17. i wouldnt trust him anymore you never know what he could be putting in your wax and hes probably very inexperienced in the bho game
  18. quality of bud matters alot. even trim to trim. ive seen bud comeout nast giareah green looking and smoked perfect. its just prolly from shittier weed
  19. It's under purged that's why your also getting the sizxle [​IMG]
  20. Green = contamination from plant matter
    sizzle = underpurged with BHO in it.
    I mean it's not horrific but not high grade.

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