Help..great buds..wont get bigger than a small plum

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Upnorthgrower, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I just started growing the past few years and id like to think im good at it lol but thee reason why im asking for help is i have 12 healthy females underneath a 1000w hps and they are coatedwith trikes but my buds seem to quit growing by the fourth or fifth week i have just aBout everyting dialed in from air circulation to nutrients...not sure if im pruning them wrong or what i use fox farms soil in 3.5 gal containers 12/12 lights cycle cyco nutrients i add about a litre to the
    Ladies as required i definetly dont over water...maybe bad genetics im not sure any help would be greatly appreciated im at the end of my ropes lol
  2. This is the medical section. The growing section is a couple of doors down. All sorts of info there.
  3. Well considering nearly every strain requires 8 weeks or more to develop and 25% or so of the buds mass comes from the last 2 weeks of flowering you have a ways to go if your at 4/5 week.
  4. Week seven is when the magic happens and then keeps on goin.
    What pruning are you doing? If your taking out any live shit you could be halting growth.
    It could be genes. Im assuming you have been running this same gene for more than 1 grow? Have you ever had a plant plump right up?
  5. i would do less plants under a 1000w. try doing like 6 large plants. longer veg means bigger budz. bigger containers too get some 5 gallon pots. im currently on day 49 week 7 and all last week (week 6) my budz were exploding! and like stated above everyday i can see them getting bigger. and i still have 20 days left!

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