Help GonG Bong Stuck!!

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  1. I purchased an EHLE 250ml about a week before thanksgiving and i try to clean it about once every couple weeks.
    Well I cleaned it the other day with alcohol and salt like always, rinsed it out good and put it back together.
    Now today when me and my friends went to use it the bowl wont come out of the downstem and the stem wont come out of the joint...
    I really hope my bong isn't stuck for good.
    I tried running it under hot water and putting it in my fridge and packing snow around the stuck pieces but nothing seems to work!!
    Does anyone have any advice to save my bong please.
  2. its water locked..hit it till the water holding it together evaporates or try to keep twisting
  3. I would just let it sit out over night and try in a little while or tomorrow. My bowl got stuck in my downstem and absolutely refused to budge let it sit out for a bit tried again came out with out any effort.
  4. Thanks i'll try that today and see how it goes.

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